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iPhone 5S Production will start in December 2012

Demand for the iPhone 5 has exceeded expectations and manufacturing capabilities of Apple, with the result that there has been a deficit. Wanting to avoid a repeat of history with the leader of the future generation, the company has accelerated the process of certification of accessories for it and plans next month to start trial production of iPhone 5S. It is expected that the first batch will be having 50-100 thousand devices. This information came from the resource DigiTimes citing Chinese newspaper Commercial Times.

iPhone 5S

Information may be wrong also, since in the past many times the source was wrong. For example, Commercial Times stated that the release of iPhone 5 in July, but in fact it took place in September. Regarding the future of the smartphone, the source calls it iPhone 5S. If in December really begin trial production of a gadget, you should wait for the mass spy shots of its components and all kinds of rumors and speculation, as was its predecessor.

Mass production of iPhone 5S should start in the first quarter of 2013 as per the revealed information, so stay tuned with us we will update you as earliest as possible.