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Kindle Fire 2, Amazon is preparing its launch in September

After Apple and its iPad Mini last week, it’s time for Amazon to take center stage. According to the site AllThingsD, who has obtained this information from “people familiar with the matter” a new Kindle Fire 2 is going to arrive. It will be thinner and lighter than the first version and will include even a webcam.

Kindle Fire 2

The screen of Kindle Fire 2 will have a little update in display and new tab will have resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels. That means, Kindle Fire 2 tablet will have 16/10 aspect ratio. Moreover, it has become in the market shelves. This change in resolution would lead logically to a better definition.

These improvements in small, very likely, simply accompany market trends, as might be the case with a 3D mapping service. The question is whether the second generation Kindle Fire 2 is strong enough to oppose the tablet of Google, the Nexus 7, and to the iPad Mini, whose existence seems to be confirmed. The Kindle Fire 2 should certainly get to the end of the third quarter of 2012, if the sources are reliable AllThings D.

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