Kindle Fire next generation acquires more details: Specs

With the announcement of an inexpensive 7 inches tablet i.e. Google Nexus 7 the market is crowded and now we are gettingĀ rumorsĀ related to next Kindle Fire next generation tablet. Characteristics of Kindle Fire next generation tablet are superior to its older version and competitive to its nearest competitor. It is also comparable with the money as with Nexus 7 which is priced at $199.

Kindle Fire next generation

Of course, Amazon is going to react and very quickly after the release of Google Nexus 7. Indirectly, this indicates a large number of rumours about the successor to Kindle Fire, including the date of its release and some characteristics. Another confirmation came from AllTningD and anonymous sources of this information resource.
Amazon is going to announce the Kindle Fire next-generation, but it’s not about the exact timing. According to the source, the device goes on sale in the third quarter of this year. Among the characteristics it is known only that Kindle Fire next generation tablet or Kindle Fire 2 will have improved 7-inch display with a resolution of 1280×800 pixels.
In addition, the Kindle Fire next generation tablet will have a thinner and lighter construction. And the last thing which has mean revealed about Kindle Fire 2 is that it will metal in the shell plate.

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