Known for HiFi speakers, KEF introduces M Series M500 headphones for $299.99

Athougth not as widely known as say Bose, KEF is a well known brand of elegant HiFi speakers. Now they are further trying to get into the audiophile’s minds by introducing new headphones called: KEF M series. This is KEF’s first entry into the crowded headphone space.

The newly introduced line is M500 headphones and M200 earbuds (in ear). Both have been designed elegantly and have some of the same technology the company has used in speakers.

The over-ear M500s are said to have “speaker-quality reproduction” with a full-range 40mm neodymium driver and voice-coil tuned to deliver tighter sound with clean bass.

Other features include an aluminum frame, breathable and sweat-resistant memory foam earpads, and the “Smart Hinge” for folding up the set for travel.

KEF m500 headphones
KEF m500 headphones

The M500 comes with a protective case and travel flight adapter, and will sell for $299.99. M200 price will be $100 less than that.

The small brother M200 in-ear buds have a 10mm driver for the bass, and a 5.5mm dynamic neodymium driver for midrange and high frequencies. It has aluminum housing and a pair of silicone ear tips with an adjustable arm for improved comfort. Both earphones feature a DDD (Dual Dynamic Driver) technology.

KEF m500 headphones
KEF m500 headphones

As per KEF, both M Series models are compliant with the CENELEC standard (EN60065/A12) for protection against hearing damage caused by excessive sound volume.

Pictures of M500 and M200 look really good, and although have not got a chance to use it, they would not need much advertising budgets, I think.

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