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Kontron has created a Mini-ITX motherboard based on the NVIDIA Tegra 3 chip

NVIDIA Tegra Mobile Platform 3 is used by manufacturers of finished devices, not only for its intended purpose – in the tablets and smartphones – but also in other devices. Thus, the company Kontron has developed the world’s first compact motherboard KTT30/mITX, which can be used to create small efficient computer systems.

Kontron KTT30/mITX
Introduced new product Mini-ITX is made in the form factor (has dimensions 170 x 170 mm) and contains a pre-system-on-chip NVIDIA Tegra 3, which is clocked at 900 MHz. This chip has on board four main cores ARM Cortex-A9, support the core (running at 500 MHz), GeForce graphics solution with 12 stream processors, and an integrated video decoder. With a maximum load power consumption of the device is no more than 7 watts, while the work of a core support – less than 1 watt. While maintaining the ability to process 3D graphics, and coding / decoding of video in 1080p H264 MPEG-4. The motherboard Kontron KTT30/mITX allows you to set the standard DDR3L memory up to 2GB. Also available are two SATA interfaces, eMMC, SD, Gigabit Ethernet Interface Ethernet, three ports USB 2.0 (two and one Type A Micro). In addition, the system interfaces are implemented mPCIe, mPCIe / mSATA, mPCIe for 3G (with a slot for a SIM-card), two serial ports RS232, output HDMI 1.4a, 24-bit LVDS and DSI (supported by the elimination of three independent images on the display) , linear audio input and output, microphone jack, input and output S / PDIF. The device can operate in ambient temperatures from 0 to 60 degrees Celsius.

Kontron KTT30/mITX motherboard is designed for use by OEM-system builders; its price has not yet been disclosed.