Lenovo IdeaPad U310 Ultrabook low price but small battery: Review and Specs

Lenovo launched their first ultrabook, the IdeaPad U310. The finish and design are good, but the ultrabook needs to be improved. Today, I have brought the review of IdeaPad U310 Ultrabook which will answer your all queries and question regarding this Lenovo Ultrabook.

IdeaPad U310

The promise

Lenovo Launches the IdeaPad U310, a 13.3-inch notebook format, is part of the family ultrabook. The machine runs on the latest Intel platform (Ivy Bridge), guaranteeing a comfortable level of power and low power consumption. Priced at 699 euros, the IdeaPad also presents itself as one of the cheapest of ultrabooks. Let’s see if the specs from the Chinese manufacturer Lenovo hold up.


IdeaPad U310

The first approach of the IdeaPad U310 is really good. Available in three pastel colors (gray, blue, and pink), this ultrabook is reminiscent of the Apple MacBook. The black keyboard on a charcoal gray interior and the wide touchpad in one piece are clearly inspired by the Apple machines.

On another side of the coin, this ultrabook has no hatch under his chassis. It is possible despite easy access to battery, hard drive or the memory modules without removing the PC. It’s a not a good thing.

Connectivity Specs

The connectivity of the IdeaPad U310 Ultrabook is quite acceptable. It comprises of two three USB ports, an HDMI port with an Ethernet port, a USB 2 port and front panel, a memory card reader.

The lack of a VGA port remains a problem. As it is, to connect an external display, it must pass through the HDMI, which is not a standard computer monitor, especially if they are a bit dated.

Good comfort

The IdeaPad’s keyboard offers good typing comfort, but we would have liked it to be backlit. For its part, the wide touchpad proved somewhat capricious in some tests. Sensitivity, it overreacts to touches of fingers causing unintended commands. The most common is the zoom function that goes crazy as soon as one raises two fingers on the touch area.

Side storage, while a vast majority of competition includes flash drives (SSD) in ultrabooks, Lenovo opts for a conventional mechanical hard drive. A less expensive, less powerful too, but has the advantage of providing a vast storage capacity: 500 GB on this IdeaPad U310 Ultrabook.

As for performance, see nothing more in this ultrabook a basic office and multimedia tool. Its memory circuit integrated with Intel has no need of 3D and, indeed, is not able to run video games.

IdeaPad U310

Offset by a screen is too bland

The screen of this IdeaPad U310 is its only real weakness. In some tests, it was quickly realized that it had to push the screen brightness up to see well. Weakness validated later by the passage in front of our probe. Brightness is really insufficient (average of 5 points 175 cd / m 2 ) to ensure visual comfort, especially when used outdoors. The disappointment continues on assessing the color rendering. The contrast ratio is not good (5 points on average 673:1).

Battery performance not up to the mark

Lenovo offense which we believe will complete this ultraportable. The small built-in battery (lithium polymer three cells) has a range of only 3:56 of video playback. This is just for this kind of dedicated machine for mobile use. Moreover, according to comparison chart on ultrabooks, the IdeaPad U310 gets only the average (5/10) on the criterion of battery.

The verdict

The IdeaPad U310 is a nice machine with good design, robust and well finished; it comes rather too unequal ease of use. Although there’s less of ultrabooks priced at 699 euros and the IdeaPad U310 is not the case. According to our trade with Acer, Dell or HP, we can expect a tidal wave of ultrabooks less than 700 euros from September. It was all about IdeaPad U310 Ultrabook and its review. I hope now many doubt regarding this Affordable IdeaPad U310 Ultrabook has been cleared.

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