LG 60PA5500 60” Plasma TV Price Less than 1000 Euros: Review & Specs

This 60 inch plasma TV LG 60PA5500 offers all essential features. This big TV processes Full HD 1080p video that is entirely correct and in the heat of the plasma picture.

LG 60PA5500

Those who are looking for a large TV simple and affordable should seriously take a look at this model 60 inch LG plasma. A prior, however, nothing to rave: the design of LG 60PA5500 is frankly pretty good and simple. The plastic frame and rectangular foot look a little rough, the panel is glossy. Level of finesse, this plasma clearly cannot compete with recent models with LED ultrathin edges. And this TV is cannot be connected or act as so Smart TV or Internet browsing. Finally, we also note the lack of 3D compatibility. As for the USB port, it can only play certain media files. It does not record Freeview programs on external hard drive.

LG 60PA5500

Perfect in HD, but beware of SD sources

Except that LG 60PA5500 offers all essential. To know the big picture a Full HD 1080p video processing is entirely correct and the heat of the plasma picture. Do not we forget all too quickly lulled by illusions of Smart TV and 3D? This model is not the only reminder that the key to a TV, it is to offer a large and beautiful image, without making too much on ancillary functions. Samsung and Sharp for example, some 60-inch TVs are touching today with 1000 euros. With its glossy able to climb up to the level of contrast 3000000:1, its Triple XD Engine video processing, the scan mode 600 Hz, its two different modes Expert settings to customize the image to the smallest detail, plasma offers image quality quite convincing. On HD sources, there is nothing to say, it is effective hot and sharp. On SD sources, of course, is worse. We feel that the upscaling is the maximum, but the contours are less clear. But no matter, the image is large, TNT HD and Blu-ray beautiful, what else?

Two HDMI inputs, this is just a little

The only small problem is the connectivity of LG 60PA5500 plasma TV, less rich than on other TVs. We find that indeed two HDMI inputs, and it is a bit tight. Fortunately, it has a VGA input, a SCART, YUV input, one Composite. It adds a USB port for multimedia playback and digital optical output to balance the sound of TNT on an amplifier or home theater system.

Posted to 990 euros, it is undoubtedly a good deal.

LG 60PA5500


+The image size
+Full HD 1080p
+Video processing entirely correct
+USB 2.0 port for multimedia playback

-2 HDMI inputs only
-Foot rectangular plastic fairing and ungracious

This was all about the LG 60PA5500 60inches plasma TV which is pretty promising and fair enough for the price.

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