LG’s100-inch ‘Hecto’ Laser TV Projector – Will it overhaul the projector technology?

LG Electronics has recently announced the launch of its 100-inch class (100 inch diagonal) Laser TV projector featuring both Smart TV and Digital TV capabilities.

Main issue with conventional projectors (whether LCD or DLP) is that you need to mount it at certain distance (in feets) to be able to get a decent size picture. You also need to have a clear line of sight between the projector and the screen. Plus it also has less brightness in lit rooms as compared to the normal LCD/LED TVs. They also need to be typically ceiling mounted.

LG Laser TV Projector

How will the Laser TV projector by LG work?

LG claims that the new 100-inch class Laser TV Projector offers a theatre-like experience at home and will overcome above limitations of conventional projectors.  It claims that the Laser TV makes installation and viewing easier by allowing users to place the lens a mere 22-inches / 56 centimetres from the screen, while having the flexibility to position it near the floor or fasten it to the ceiling. The LG Laser TV Projector offers 1080p Full HD resolution and 1,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio.

Other features of LG’s new Laser TV projector:

The new projection unit has a digital tuner and built-in 10-watt speakers. It also has three HDMI inputs, and an RS-232 port. LG is also offering a screen with the Hecto Laser TV projector. The unit also ships with Smart TV functionality thanks to LG’s new Magic Remote announced in last week.

If this new 100 inch Laser TV cum Projector by LG (or a laser projector cum TV, depending how you want to look at it) delivers what it promises and at a good quality, could it be a game changer in the projectors market?

When will be the Laser TV projector  be released and what will be the price:

Price and release date of this new 1080p ‘Hecto’ Laser TV Projector by LG is not yet known so wait till CES 2013 in early January.

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