LG ND4520 wireless speakers: Review & Specs

The LG ND4520 wireless speaker delivers quality sound and power is quite decent. This is one of those products that meet our expectations.

LG ND4520 Wireless Speakers

The wireless speaker LG ND4520 emphasizes the quality of the power and the result is up. It offers many connectivity options and driver with a good mobile app.

The promise

Newcomer in the world of wireless speakers, the LG ND4520 shows very good arguments on paper. Starting with the multitude of audio connections, a proprietary connector for Apple products (compatible with iPod, iPhone and iPad), Bluetooth, a line input and a USB port to listen to your music stored on a USB key. The advertised power is 10 watts RMS, which, if the speakers are good, may suffice to sound in a small living room or bedroom. See what it is.


A very angular frame, two-tone (black and white), a little “fake” and messy: the look of the LG ND4520 was not unanimous. A little retro and some say original, not enough work tell others … No blow of heart, but not enough to really displease either. And if the design is to your liking, the rest will be too.

The LG ND4520 emphasizes quality power

LG ND4520 Wireless Speakers

It is suspected that the LG ND4520 is not equipped to shake the walls. The probe is nevertheless appropriate maximum power of 98.6 dB. The promise is kept, it sonorisera a small room without difficulty. Good news, this speaker does not saturate even at full volume (it was tested at a frequency of 1000 Hz with a probe and oscilloscope).

If the power of the speaker space in the middle to compete Quality is it at appointment. We will award LG ND4520 a score of 7 out of 10 for sound quality. Its wide bandwidth (from 85 to 21,834 Hz) allows it to vary the pleasures with good ease. The bass is a little weak, but it is in favor of a clear and dynamic way you like. And for those who like to nitpick about the settings, LG makes their solution available … and it happens on mobile.

LG Bluetooth Remote: a good application

The LG ND4520 comes with a small infrared remote control rather plain, but effective. For more settings and especially greater freedom of movement (the remote is limited to the scope of the infrared connection), it prefers LG Bluetooth Remote application.
Good and little more

Found in a location for the LG ND4520 six batteries (LR6-AA) for use away from the chamber outlet. We have installed high capacity rechargeable batteries (2200 mAh) and the body held 9 hour 13 minutes continuous play. Another convenient feature is the USB port through which it also charges a smartphone.

The verdict

The LG ND4520 is a good wireless speaker. Multiple connectivity options, good sound quality, power quite decent, all controlled by effective enforcement, LG offers a product nomadic very successful. A product of a very good quality / price ratio, which should attracts a large number of users. This was all about LG ND4520 Wireless product.

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