Logitech Solar Keyboard K760 for Apple devices: Review & Specs

Today we brought you the review of Logitech Solar Keyboard K760 keyboard, and let’s see why the company decided to make a bid on it.


Logitech Solar Keyboard K760

As you can see from the layout, Logitech Solar Keyboard K760, first of all, is for computers, tablets and smartphones of Apple. You can connect a keyboard and Bluetooth-compatible devices with Windows and it will work, but the non-standard layout will have to adjust.


With smartphones and tablets on the Android is also no problem, the keyboard is connected and recognized as compatible. However, are advised to use a Logitech Solar Keyboard K760 only with OS X and iOS devices.


Logitech Solar Keyboard K760

Even a glance at the Logitech Solar Keyboard K760 is enough to understand to which computer it is intended.
And indeed, the white keys and gray glossy substrate ideal for laptops and desktops of Apple. And indeed Keyboard K760 design is a bit like keyboard Apple Wireless Keyboard.


Another thing is that a major role in the design of the keyboard Logitech played solar panel, the third of its surface. Its dark color slightly dilutes the white-gray background, keys and body, but looks at the same alien, as if from another model.


In general, the design of Logitech Solar Keyboard K760 is more like than not, the keyboard on the table looks just fine and well suited for laptops Apple, and the computer iMac.


As mentioned above, the solar panel – this is one of the main functions Solar Keyboard K760. The Logitech claim that it does not need keyboard replacement batteries and will charge both from the artificial light, and from the sun. In this case, states that if you turn off the solar panel from the battery alone, their Solar Keyboard K760 in 2 pieces, the keyboard is able to work for 3 months if you use it 8 hours a day. This figure has not been able to verify, but within a week the keyboard is working properly and not be consumed.


Another interesting feature of Logitech Solar Keyboard K760 is the ability to quickly switch between three different devices. For this are three buttons – F1, F2 and F3. Thus, once connecting the device, for example, iMac, iPad and iPhone, to switch between them will need to press one of three buttons. This is convenient, but it really is hard to imagine a situation in which the user would need to constantly switch between the three devices.


In Logitech Solar Keyboard K760, use the “island” type, they are well spaced to each other, and it is fully consistent with the standard layout of Apple. Despite the almost complete repetition of habitual users MacBook Pro, Air and iMac keyboards, for Solar Keyboard K760 still have to get used to, though not for long. This is, first of all connected with the course of the keys, it is slightly longer than the keyboards Apple. In general, working with Solar Keyboard K760 is convenient, after a simple keyboard settings will automatically connect to the computer. A number of function keys also control the brightness, sound, and playback directly from the keyboard, which is handy when working with iMac.


Rubber feet are made of high quality material, so that when typing the keyboard does not slide on the table.


Glossy substrate keys pleasant to look at, but it has a downside, it is very easily scratched. The same goes for the solar panel. If you wear a keyboard in your bag, it is quickly covered with scratches. White keys as quickly collect dirt.

Regarding the use of Logitech Solar Keyboard K760 with mobile devices, the solar panel is quite influenced by its size, which makes 31 x 16.9 x 3.7 cm, weight – 1 kg. Thus, a set of keyboard plus iPad gets to the weight 1.7 kg, which is even more compact than many laptops available in the market. So called Solar Keyboard K760 is optimal for use with tablets can save in one particular place.

As a result,

Keyboard Logitech Solar Keyboard K760 is a good solution for computer users and laptop Apple, it is simple to use and easy to operate. However, despite being able to connect to smartphones and tablets, it is poorly corresponds to the concept “mobile solution”, and is best suited for use at home or in the office. The recommended retail price for the Solar Keyboard K760 is around $100 USD, which is a lot of the keyboard.


– Design

– Solar panel

– Layout

– Good resistance


– Size and weight

– Glossy substrate

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