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Lynx A 3D camera / tablet for $1,800: 3D modeling and motion capture

Its been years since we have been watching 3D films in theaters and wowed the effect it gave. However, the subject needs to be interesting to be able to see in 3D. Whats the point of watching a simple drama (say Henry Fonda’s classic 12 angry men) in 3D? On the contarary, Avatar looked great in 3D.

When it comes to camera’s that we use, its still ruled by 2D. The technogy did change from the film based cameras to digital, but its still 2D. All these things came to my mind after reading about new 3d camera from Lynx.

Lynx Laboratories is a Austin, Texas-based company behind Lynx A 3D camera / tablet which creates 3D models in a point-and-shoot mode. Engadget has reported that they got a chance to first hand review it.

Lynx A is dubbed as a point-and-shoot 3D camera. It used special hardware for depth mapping and imaging info from your surroundings. It then turns the captured data into 3D scene and object models or motion capture.scene modeling, object modeling, and motion capture and the possible capture modes on the camera.

Once the processing is done in a minute or two, finished modelling is displayed on its 14-inch screen.

Lynx A 3D Camera  Scene Modelling

Lynx A 3D Camera (source:kickstarter)

Lynx A 3D camera look and specs:

Lynx A has a 14-inch color LCD screen. With this kind of size its bigger than the small laptops you get these days.
Depth capture is done by a 3D sensor
It has a 640×480 color digital camera
Image captured can be viewed and reviewed on the LCD screen
User interface: More of a gaming device since it has the buttons and controller
Being a 3D camera, it needs (and has) a powerful graphics card for rendering the 3D models. The storing of information will be of large size, so it comes wil high capacity-storage
Battery capacity is reported to be four hours

Scene modeling is a bit like the smartphone app for panorama creation where your camera swoops around in 360-degrees to capture that 3d model.

Object modeling is what it means – go round the object to capture its 3d info.

In motion capture mode it acts like a 3D camcorder. This can be used to capture the movement of moving subjects to convert it into a 3D model.

When the finished Lynx A 3D camera will be available is not known yet. If you want to get your hand on it, keep saving those $1,800.