Manage your outlook mailbox size to below 1 GB

Last few months I have been trying to manage my outlook mailbox size to below 1 GB.

Why did I want to control my outlook mailbox size?

I also use webmail version what has a limit on the mailbox size. Once it got full while I was on leave for a week rejecting some mails. That got me thinking managing the size.

Strategies that can be used to limit the size of outlook mailbox:

Chronological deletion of mails – Deleting mails before certain time. Many times your role may involve something where you do not need to refer emails before certain time. In such case you can start with “First in First out” – delete oldest mails first.

limit the outlook mailbox size
Limit the outlook mailbox size

Deletion based on who sent you – I used this strategy as well to limit the mailbox size. I knew from name of sender what type of mails I expect from that person. If those are not to be retained, delete them.

Deletion from sent folder – This is an important aspect which some people forget. Sent box is also contributing to your mailbox size. So along with inbox, have a look at the sent mails also and delete based on how old the mail was.

Deletion based on mail size – many times I got big attachments with mails like images, videos. I stored those in a folder on hard disk and deleted the mails. That helped create some space.

How to ensure important mails get stored – I have created a folder named ‘Need for future’ and move important mails there.

So far I have managed to limit the outlook mailbox size to below 1.5GB, which is still high.

Is there any strategy you use to limit the mailbox size that worked for you?  Do share.

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