Micron started the mass production of memory based on phase transition

Company Micron announced the launch of mass production of memory based on technology of the phase transition (PCM – Phase Change Memory). It is noted that Micron was the first company in the industry, which began mass production of memory based on PCM.

Micron PCM

Recall that this type of memory allows storage of data, based on the ability of the material to switch between two states (crystalline and amorphous) at a certain heat exposure, the generated electric current. To read the data (the current state of the material based on an analysis of the electric) current use of lesser magnitude. As a result, this memory has high productivity, which is several times higher than the performance of modern high-level SSDs. However, it is volatile, i.e., capable of storing data when power supply is turned off. In addition, the PCM memory has a low-power, allowing its use in mobile devices.

The company that originally issued Micron Memory PCM, just designed for mobile devices. Novelty is a hybrid multi-chip solution in a single package, which includes 1 GB of memory PCM, made on the 45-nanometer manufacturing process, and 512 MB of memory LPDDR2. In the present device is used for the PCM and the joint LPDDR2 access interface conforming to standards of JEDEC. It is noted that this solution will initially be used in the performance of mobile phones. However, the future scope of this type of memory will be expanded to more productive mobile devices – smartphones and tablets.

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