Microsoft Surface Pro Vs MacBook Air

Three months ago we had given you a small comparison on Microsoft Surface Pro and MacBook Air . We try to do more detailed comparison of their specs and feature in this article. 

Surface Pro Vs MacBook Air
Surface Pro Vs MacBook Air

Microsoft Surface Pro falls in ultrabook category but could be looked at as another iPad due to its detachable keyboard and touchscreen capability. The 11-inch Macbook Air from Apple is a small and slim laptop with almost all features as that of Surface Pro except the fact that it does not have touch screen capability. The touchscreen is the most important differentiating factor between Surface Pro and MacBook Air. Surface Pro comes with a stylus Pen to navigate Windows Apps using touch functionality whereas MacBook Air has a trackpad better than any other comparable laptops.

MacBook Air though looks small and slim it is bigger in size and weighs more than the Surface Pro. Surface Pro weighs 907g and the MacBook Air weighs 1080g. The dimensions of Surface Pro are 275mm X 173mm X 13.5mm whereas MacBook Air dimensions are 300mm X 192mm X 17mm.

Both the devices have same processor; the Intel Core i5 dual core 1.7GHz processors. RAM is also same for both the devices which is 4MB. The base model are available with  64MB and 128MB of storage space but Apple will also be selling 256MB and 512MB storage space versions at slightly more price. The 10.6” Surface Pro support resolution of 1920 X 1080 (i.e. 208 pixels/inch) which is much better than the 11.6” MacBook Air 1366 x 768 (i.e.135 pixels/inch) resolution.

The tested battery life of MacBook Air is over 5 hours whereas Surface Pro has tested battery life of 4 hours and 14 min.

Other key differences between the Surface Pro and the MacBook Air are:

1. The MacBook Air display can be adjusted to any usable angle whereas the Surface Pro display can only be set at one angle.

2. The MacBook Air has a full-sized, backlit keyboard. The Surface Pro keyboard cover is not full-sized keyboard a does not have a backlit for use in the dark.

3. If one needs to buy a keyboard cover along with the Surface Pro then it is going to be costlier than the 11.6” MacBook Air.

Price Comparison:

The starting price of Surface Pro is going to be $899 however MacBook Air is slightly costlier at $999.

The verdict is Surface Pro is for the users who needs a powerful laptop with features of a tablet but the fact is you can’t use it on your lap as like MacBook Air.

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