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Miracast – new technology for wireless transmission of images

Lately sometimes, you’ve been increasingly thinking about buying Apple TV, which you may be needed for exactly one purpose – easy transfer of images from the iPad on TV. So with photos and movies look comfortable, and the browser easier to see something, and the game play more enjoyable, in general, one solid comfort.

Miracast technology

Conceptually similar solution offered by Intel, promoting proprietary technology WiDi (Wireless Display), but for many reasons, the laptop is still easier to connect to the TV using the usual HDMI-cable. But on similar solutions for Android-devices we have not heard until the moment when NVIDIA has not announced future support for tablets based on Tegra 3 wireless technology transfer images Miracast.

Standard Miracast designed by the renowned organization WiFi Alliance, at this stage it is at the approval stage and the most interesting – the standard is open, i.e. it does not require licensing fees from developers and manufacturers of compatible devices. At the initial stage of support for the standard display devices will probably be done using external boxes, but to achieve a certain level of popularity of TV and monitor manufacturers are sure to provide a “built-in” compatible with Miracast.


Most interestingly, for the transfer of the image is not necessary to use a separate home Wi-Fi network, it is sufficient to support a standard Miracast transmission (eg, Android-tablet) and receiving (TV, monitor) device, which “agree” with each other independently. Oh, and for dessert, NVIDIA promises to provide compatibility with wireless game controller that will turn the tablet on the basis of the Tegra 3 game console complete with connecting to a TV – but it’s very, very interesting.

Demonstration of the technology Miracast, as well as the gameplay with a hardware controller can be seen in the below video.