Mitsubishi NW31U-EST, NW30U and NF32U Projectors Will Ship Out Soon

Three new LaserVue models are going to be released soon by Mitsubishi, three projectors that will have the latest technology from this manufacturer, which is the Laser light source. The models that use this technology have the laser light engine, which is an improvement over other models available on the market. The first Mitsubishi projector from this series to ship out will be NW31U, which will be the base model. It will have an extremely short throw lens, with a resolution of 1280×800 and a brightness of 2500 lumens.

A few months later Mitsubishi will also ship the remaining two projectors from this series. The second projector will be a model with 3000 lumens, but otherwise the same as the first one. The third and last model that Mitsubishi will release will combine a Full HD resolution of 1920×1080 with 3000 lumens.

NW31U-ESTWhile their laser light engine is a technology that sounds quite interesting, one of the more attractive mentions from the company’s press release is the use of the cloud among the sources that these projectors can use. What it basically means is that with one of these projectors you will be able to run a program from a server in the network, either a local one, or one that is in the cloud (stored on the server of a company like Apple or Google). Add to that the fact that you can use an Android phone/tablet, iPad or iPhone to control the projector via WiFi, and you get quite a bit of convenience and flexibility from these projectors.

One of the things that makes the three projectors special is the fact that they don’t have lamps in them. NF32U, NW30U and NW31U-EST are the names of the three Mitsubishi projectors which will ship this year. They are considered portable models and they offer the viewer accurate colors and great looking images, thanks to the quality light engine that they use. They’re great models to be used in classrooms and there is a good chance that they will make a good impression among teachers.

Because the design doesn’t include the use of lamps, businesses and schools that choose to use these models will save both money and time in time, over the projector’s entire lifetime. Add to that the fact that the projector also has a 10 watt speaker and you don’t even need external speakers and amplifiers to use with this model.

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