Mobile Cinema A50P: a mini projector for Android smartphones

After its mini projectors dedicated to iPhone and iPad, the Mobile Cinema and i50S i50D, the Taiwanese manufacturer Aiptek announces Mobile Cinema A50P. This time, it is a mini LED projector compatible with smartphones of Android.

Mobile Cinema A50P

The Mobile Cinema A50P mini projector device comes in the form of a small tray (13.2 x 7.1 x 1.5 cm to 170 g) on which the smartphone can be attached. It then remains is to connect with microUSB for this to work … but only if the mobile is compatible MHL ( Mobile High-Definition Link ).

Video compatibility is not guaranteed

This video link that passes through the micro USB port of smartphones is sometimes capricious. The main problem is that this standard MHL is not one. In a test, it was found Galaxy SIII, for example, must use its own HL adapter to work. If we had much less trouble with smartphones HTC or Sony, the caution. And when it was asked the manufacturer what the compatible devices, the response was quite shy enough: “We are currently developing a list”.

Only small splashes

Aiptel Given the size of this Mobile Cinema A50P mini projector unit, do not expect big performances. The device uses a familiar platform, namely a DLP chip coupled to an LED backlight. Projected images are low resolution (640 x 480 pixels) and a 4/3 format not really adapted to films. Brightness, announced at 45 ANSI lumens, will require to make its projections in the shadows … or even total darkness. The Mobile Cinema A50P includes its own battery which would provide a range of two hours and could serve as a extra charger for the smartphone .

The Mobile Cinema A50P will be available from September 2012 to a hefty price tag of 250 euros.

The concept

The price
Lack of information on the compatibility

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