Motorola MotoSmart: Review and Specs

Motorola MotoSmart is the new economic model of Motorola and although the design has not changed much if there are some interesting features for those wishing to spend a smartphone for only 80 euros.

Motorola MotoSmart
The design of Motorola MotoSmart reminds the Milestone, the Defy and even Motoluxe is more recent with similar design. It seems to be luxurious but at a very low.

The thickness is to be no big deal but Motorola MotoSmart is too thick, it measures 11mm and this is not noticeable unless you compare to the iPhone 4s or Galaxy S III.

Under the connectivity specs you have are the micro USB port and headphone jack 3.5 but also are the keys to raise and lower the volume and power button, which are easy to operate and are pleasant to touch.

The cover of battery in Motorola MotoSmart is removable and easily accessible microSD slot and battery.

The device has a 3 megapixel camera on the back with an LED flash. And apparently the image is much sharper due to an improvement in the lens.

Other than that, the design is quite poor, with front keys to navigate the Android system and little else.

Motorola MotoSmart

The Motorola MotoSmart is a decent phone with a design more than acceptable for the price. For under $ 100 it costs, it is difficult to criticize the device too, as you will find plenty of top end features (camera, email, satellite navigation, hundreds of thousands of apps) for very little money.

However, the competition is ruining things for Motorola. It’s been three years since the launch of the first processor of 1 GHz and this could be forgiven because of how little it costs, if not for Huawei, which has managed to break the price barrier with the Ascend G300.

Although not always about specs, as we have seen sometimes there but not very powerful smartphone running fast and smooth interface and Motorola MotoSmart simply not lived up to that effect.

I can not say either that is not worth, that is a bad end, below will show a further review. But for now I can not compare with other XT smartphone, this does not stand in water and dust, and I think it will be difficult for this device sticking strong. I sincerely recommend that spend few euros more and buy a better device than Motorola MotoSmart.



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