MSI GT70 0NE-255FR Gaming Laptop: Complete Review and Specs

MSI GT70 0NE is 17.3-inch gaming laptop embarks MSI GeForce GTX 680M. Designed by the architectural thought Nvidia 2012 (Kepler) and engraved in 28 nm, this reference replaces the GTX 670m and 675m, which embodied the hitherto upmarket despite an aging architecture. Graphics chip aside, this version of the GT70 is the same as GT70 0NC-048FR. So we will take it as a reference for comparison when assessing the performance gap between a GTX and a GTX 680M 670m. In addition, we will enter the arena of a prototype Alienware M17x features a Radeon HD 7970M, the direct competitor to the GTX 680M to attend one – if any – big fight.

MSI GT70 Gaming Laptop

Reality of MSI GT70 0NE 255FR gaming laptop:

The most powerful Nvidia graphics cards for laptops is at work in this new version of MSI GT70 ONE. Surrounded by its measurement components, the GeForce GTX 680M is indeed determined to establish itself as the graphics chip for gamers. Using the latest Nvidia architecture date (Kepler), the chip operates at 757 MHz and features 1344 processing units and 4 GB of GDDR5 memory (clocked at 3600 MHz).

MSI GT70 laptop
In comparison, the GeForce GTX 580M used a different architecture, with “only” 2GB of GDDR5 in its service and 384 processing units in a chip clocked at 670 MHz. With the GTX 680M, Nvidia dual memory therefore, increases the frequency, multiply by 3.5 the number of units Cuda and expands the memory bus. In short, this card has everything to make sparks, even with the latest video games.

Finally, note that the GTX 680M is compatible with all technologies Nvidia (PhysX, Optimus, etc..) but some of them (such as 3D Vision) cannot be used on the machine, for lack of suitable 3D display. However, if you have the glasses and a 3D Vision screen, nothing prevents you from connecting the MSI GT70 via HDMI and 3D gaming (720p only).

Graphics are pretty massive in MSI GT70


With four sets of reference (The Last Remnant, Resident Evil 5 DX10, Dirt 2 and 3 DX11), details set to maximum (or almost), in a test, it was made a first series of tests in 720p (1280 x 720 pixels), then in the native resolution of the screen. In the first resolution, the scores range from 124.1 (Dirt 2) and 209.5 (TLR) frames per second (fps). Full HD, however, the scores are adjusted slightly downward, since the difference is between 102.7 (Dirt 2) and 130.3 fps (TLR). However, all scores are above the bar fateful 100 frames / s. The GTX 680M is so wonderful.

Compared to the GeForce GTX 670m (with 3 GB of GDDR5) present in the previous version of the MSI GT70, the GTX 680M offers – Full HD – about 60% more performance.

Faced with the Radeon HD 7970M and 2GB of GDDR5 memory, the GTX 680M, however, has much to do. With four games in Full HD, the Radeon is 5% faster than the GeForce. However, its results should be taken with some tweezers. First, because the M17x used to make the tests do not have the same amount of memory the MSI (8 GB against 12 GB). Then, because the machine is a prototype with drivers AMD / Intel from a few months ago and updated ever since we had the machine in the hands. And, finally, following the games, the GeForce GTX 680M can be more advantage than the Radeon HD 7970M, it’s all about quality of drivers and optimizing their games. The fact remains that AMD and Nvidia are new neck and neck, which revived the race for best performance.

Same chassis, less storage in MSI GT70

MSI GT70 for gamers

Regarding other components housed in the MSI GT70 laptop, MSI hardly changes its previous formula. So we find an Intel Core i7-3610QM (four cores, 2.3 GHz), 12GB of DDR3 memory, 128 GB SSD (mSata format) in Raid 0 for Windows 7 and some applications, and a disk HDD 750 GB (1 TB against the GT70 0NC-048FR) for programs and storage. Also includes a control MSI Turbo, which increases the operating frequency of the graphics chip. However, the results are not conclusive enough to warrant that you mention.

MSI has kept the Blu-ray (and DVD) to watch a movie on the screen matte 17.3-inch Full HD, bright (309 cd / m 2) and contrast (1036:1) between two sessions of gaming entertainment. There are also very good illuminated keyboard developed by SteelSeries, the kit DynAudio 2.1 audio and all the rich connectivity consists of USB ports 2 and 3, VGA and HDMI video outputs, etc in MSI GT270 gaming laptop.

The foibles of the machine to player

This version of the MSI GT70 is a very good, if only one puts up with its lines a little thicker. Like all machines in high-end player, this device tends to give voice when you play (48.4 dB readings). Furthermore, the temperature rises rapidly in the machine (49 ° C), which excludes use on knees. Conversely, your hands are always cool (28.4 ° C).

Finally, the MSI GT70 requires large inputs of energy (173 watts maximum) which justifies the enormous power adapter comes with a kilo beast for charging nine cells. This gives the machine a substantial autonomy of 3 hours 30 minutes of video playback, maximum screen and Wi-Fi enabled.

The verdict

Equipped with the GeForce GTX 680M NVIDIA, the MSI GT70 has the graphics horsepower to spare. Its chassis, well than thick (6 cm), continues to make recipe, just like its full HD matte and backlit keyboard. However, the laptop still does not compare to the quality of finish of Asus ROG G75VW. Finally, the price of 2299 Euros – admittedly high – remains almost reasonable for a machine with this level of equipment. If you have any other query regarding MSI GT70 ONE laptop then feel free to ask.

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