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NC900C Digital Cinema Projector Specs and Review

The NC900C is a projector released by NEC, which is part of a series known as Digital Cinema. NEC produces both projectors and LCD’s and is known for the quality of the products they make. As for their latest product, the NC900C, it is considered by them to be designed with the needs of consumers which are looking for good projectors which have a decent price tag.

Among the specs of this projector we find support for HDMI 1.4a, USB, Ethernet ports (two of them) and a dual interface HDSDI 3G. One of the promises from the manufacturer is that changing the lamp will be very easy to do and that you will not get a black screen from this model. The interfaces we’ve mentioned can be used to get content on the screen, once it is processed through the S2K chipset which is made by Texas Instruments.

If you’re wondering about the biggest width that you will get from it, it appears that it will be 9 meters (29 ft) when used in DCI mode, while the non-DCI mode will give you 12 meters (39 ft). These numbers suggest that the best use for this projector is for smaller theater screens or for other uses that require a view of this size.

NC900CAccording to statements made by NEC’s general manager, Jim Reisteter, this model is designed with exhibitors in mind, which need a digital cinema projector which has the right size with a budget friendly price tag. Thanks to the chipset provided by Texas Instruments, the projector helps with the move to a higher end cinema experience when it comes to a small screen, which might not be transitioned to digital yet.

According to the manufacturer, this model is the market’s first digital cinema projector which comes with dual lamps.

For a cinema theater which has a small screen, the NC900C can be a very good choice, offering quality images and an improved theater experience. Right now this is the smallest projector for cinemas which is 2K DCI certified, which has the advantage that you can take it with you if you need to do a projection in a different location.

The specs include the 2048×1080 resolution and the capability for 3D. It’s designed to require little maintenance and it’s quite user friendly, so it’s not difficult to operate. As a bonus, you can use the available buttons to switch from one projector configuration to another (8 available).