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New Apple iTunes 11: Features

At the end of the month, Apple has kept its promise and released an updated media center iTunes 11 to the end of 29th of November. It is available to everyone on the official website or through the proprietary system software update, if the previous version of iTunes is already installed. Apple introduced a version of the application for OS X, as well as for Windows.

iTunes 11

The main new feature in iTunes 11 – is completely redesigned interface. In theory, it has become easier, more convenient and more intuitive, but all users are different and each product takes on the. However, externally it really becomes more attractive with increased application icons and convenient menu toggle between viewing music, videos and other content. Also in iTunes support for iCloud and content of media library user will now be available on any device through the cloud. Even the play position is stored, that is, you can start watching a movie on the computer and continue on iPhone from the same place without having to manually rewind.

This was regarding the just released Apple iTunes 11, stay tuned for more information, soon we will publish the complete review of this new release.