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New Model of PlayStation 3 revealed

At the recently held the exhibition E3 in Los Angeles, United States, Sony didn’t revealed PlayStation 4, but showed a strong game lineup. However, there was new Sony Game console but it was not NextGen-play station device. It was actually and another model of the PlayStation 3.

PlayStation 3

Pictures of the new Sony gaming console has appeared on the website of Brazilian telecom regulator Anatel, but were quickly removed from there, although it was too late. Author Tecnoblog.net had a copy and published on the resource, and then the pictures started to spread on the web like wildfire. The picture quality is not that good but leaves much to be desired, but there is some information about the new and apart from them.

PlayStation 3
In particular, the model of the console indicated by the letter 4000, to be precise, the three new models: CECH-4011A, CECH-4011B and CECH-4011C. The previous console, PS3 Slim, indicated by the letter 3000. The shape of new PS3 reminds PS3 Slim, if you do not pay attention to a very strange matt texture on the top panel. In addition, the device has been used more than a simple optical drive with a hinged lid instead of the slot.


It should be noted and clearly diminished according to the source size of the new PlayStation 3 console. As for the differences, they are built-in storage capacity: 16GB, 250 and 500 GB. 16-gigabyte version is clearly aimed at the budget sector, as well as a 4-gigabyte console rival Microsoft Xbox 360 S. It is possible that the official announcement of PS3 4000 happen next month in Germany at the exhibition Gamescom. So, we can’t expect PS4 in 2012 but all PS3 fans have a good news that they can enjoy PlayStation 3 4000 soon.