News from Google: Launching Moto X Superphone

Google has revealed its plan to launch the low cost smartphone. Google’s Moto X will be the superphone smart enough to know what you want to do before you actually do. This phone will compete with the likes of iPhone, Motorola claims.

The phone is likely to be launched in the later part of the year. The phones main feature includes the advanced sensors that anticipate user’s behavior. Without giving much of the information, Motorola’s Dennis Woodside at the conference in America said that the Moto X would change the way users engage with how the devices are designed and that the broadly distributed phone would provide experiences that are unlike other experiences out there in the market.News from Google: Launching Moto X Superphone

Since the buyout of Motorola this will be the first phone from Google. The new phone will be an attempt from Google to bring down the prices of smartphones. As per Woodside,  the flagship device will compete with both Android devices such as Samsung Galaxy S4, the HTC One as well as the iPhone, which is expected to be updated later part of the year. Woodside said the Moto X “is more contextually aware of what’s going on around it, it allows you to interact with it more than other devices today. It anticipates my need.”

The smartphone is likely to be built on Google’s “Now” search feature that aims to predict what a user wants to do so that they do not have to waste time choosing it manually on the phone. One of the example could be automatically sensing a device that is travelling at speed along the road and suggesting entering the car mode or making it faster to open the camera application.

Google wanted to sell the device at the lower margins as compared to Apple iPhones. Woodside mentioned “These products earn 50% margins. We don’t necessarily have those constraints. Those will not persist”. He mentioned that other electronic devices such as computers and televisions had seen dramatic change in price, however smartphone is yet to see such falls.

The phone will be distributed across multiple carriers. The battery life is going to be a problem which Woodside have also agreed. TheGoogle’s  smartphone will be built in Texas, USA.

We will keep you posted as we get more updates on this new cost competitive, feature competitive smartphone.

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