Nikon D600 Vs Canon EOS 6D camera comparison

The Nikon D600 and Canon EOS 6D are the next full-frame sensor SLR from Nikon and Canon. Nikon and Canon always remain the competition era. Today we brought you the comparison between Nikon D600 Vs Canon EOS 6D which will guide for choosing best out of them.

Nikon D600 Vs Canon EOS 6D

Moreover, these cameras will not be available until October 2012, two newcomers in the arena of SLR full-frame sensor you may don’t know much about them. For if the Nikon D800 and Canon EOS 5D Mark III are undoubtedly the stars of the technical kind, two new Nikon D600 and Canon EOS 6D have a major advantage for the general public: a smaller price. Certainly, they are still available around 2100 euros, which puts them out of reach, but the price difference of 700 euros compared to their seniors is far from negligible. After all, 700 euros is already a beautiful view, is not it?

So before the real game, here is a first confrontation against technical data sheet,
Ergonomics: Nikon D600 Vs Canon EOS 6D

Advantage of the D600 compared to the EOS 6D: built-in flash.

Once is not custom, it is here that Canon scoring. Face as a Nikon D600 angular seam is a little cheap, the handle is very (too) and decided that the menus are still sparse, the Canon EOS 6D provides a better grip.

With its coating “smooth”, numerous curves and a more careful construction equipment (sometimes the sensation does not reach reality, it will have to be tested), offspring of the small Canon trumps its rival in terms of pleasure manipulation once in the hand. Phenomenon further amplified by the clarity of the Canon software menus.

Sensor: Nikon D600 Vs Canon EOS 6D

Canon is in advantage, the 100% viewfinder of the Nikon D600 is both very large and very bright.

20.2 against 24 megapixel definition of the difference should not be obvious. As for the image quality, if we could simply compare their sensitivity (ISO 6400 for Canon, Nikon 25 600 for), only a true test during a field trip may separate them. Note, however, that not only the sensor of the Nikon D600 is better defined, but its processor processes more frames per second – 5.5 i / s – his rival – 4.5 i / s.

Equipment: Nikon D600 Vs Canon EOS 6D

The Canon EOS 6D DSLR is the lightest full-size market, almost 100 g less than the Nikon D600.

This is where things get complicated, and that the quantifiable loses foot. We could talk about 39 collimators D600 (11 on 6D). But how to compare the development in low light (-3 EV) 6D value that does not communicate Nikon?

The D600 offers to share a real, beautiful viewfinder. Large and bright, it covers 100% field of view than its competitor when the 600D is limited to “only” 97%. Yes, the nitpicking, but here we are in the big leagues in full Olympic 100m final where the differences are in milliseconds. Nikon gives a shot in the nose of his opponent with the built-in flash, absent from 6D. It interferes with some other not, but it is sometimes useful to control another flash, light face, lead a shadow.

Equality: Nikon D600 Vs Canon EOS 6D

The ergonomics and feel of the Canon EOS 6D are much better than the D600.

One would think a victory of Nikon if Canon had a secret weapon, invisible wireless technologies. Both Wi-Fi and GPS in the Canon EOS 6D offers geotagging photos without a plug, which is rare in reflex. As for Wi-Fi, this could well prove decisive as Canon propose applications Android / iOS to fly the aircraft.


Therefore, there is no winner. Yes it is disappointing. Yes you want a response like that now. But don’t fear, this game will evolve into theoretical Photographic battle field against sensor against video mode to video mode. And if there be no less futile, then the next fight may help you to make your choice! This was all about Nikon D600 Vs Canon EOS 6D cameras.

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