Nintendo Wii U Releasing on December 8

Announced in the middle of this year, a new generation of video game console Nintendo Wii U releasing on December 8th and reading for hitting the shelves, but for now it is only about the Japanese retail. For information about the release date, price and trim levels offered b Nintendo device at a special event on the Wii U.

Nintendo Wii U

The Nintendo Wii U console will be available in two versions: the base (only in white) and premium (only in black registration). The latter is not only the increased amount of built-in flash memory (32 GB to 8 GB), but also the complete set. In Japan, the premium collection of Wii U will cost about $ 405.


For the money the company is offering the console itself, the touch controller, charging station for it and play the stand, and even a single stand for the console itself. Separately, the game controller will cost approximately $ 175.


The so-called Pro Controller, who is also a traditional gamepad without a touch screen, costs $ 65. Wiimote company estimated at $ 50 and the accessory is available in several color options.



Charging station for the main Nintendo Wii U game controller will also be offered separately for $ 25. Slightly open the veil of secrecy over the technical specifications of the console. This was all regarding the release date of Nintendo Wii U and its price.

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