Nokia forged not only video, but also OIS photo taken by Lumia 920

The story of the fake video, which was allegedly filmed on Lumia 920 has received an unexpected continuation. As it turned out, the company has forged not only video but also photos that were to demonstrate the quality of pictures taken in low light conditions.

Lumia 920

The pictures were taken in Helsinki, and is assured to Nokia, they are made with the Lumia 920 with the optical stabilization system is activated. Check EXIF images cannot be, because the company did not post them separately, but included in the movie.

But long lies beneath Nokia failed to quickly find photos online of what is really going on shooting with Lumia 920.

Lumia 920

As can be seen from the photo, it was the Production shot with exposed light. And the most interesting thing on the left of the photograph, with the edge, seen a small piece of the lens DSLR-camera.

Nokia has so far not commented on the situation regarding Lumia 920 fake photo with OIS on and Video, well let’s wait for the excuse from Nokia but it is clear now Nokia was making fool.


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