Nokia Lumia 610: Complete Review and Specs

Each new device running Windows Phone attracts the attention of anyone. With each new device – such people are more and more. But if such a device is out of the wing Nokia, it is simply doomed to interest itself. Add to that comparable to low-cost Android-smartphone price tag, and get the perfect device for exploring the operating system of Windows Phone 7.

Nokia Lumia 610

If you face a goal to buy the cheapest product on the operating system of Windows Phone 7, you just cannot find anything more suitable, unless one or two smartphones. If you wish then it will not be difficult to find a cheaper phone like Nokia Lumia 610. If the operating system is not the point, here is what Lumia 610 stand out from the many Android-backgrounds. Smartphone with the same diagonal and a resolution of the screen, will cost a comparable amount of money. So, with the advent of Nokia Lumia 610, Windows Phone has all chances to add to the popularity, for the loyalty of our fellow citizens to the Nokia brand is still quite high, and the choice between having no official guarantee or smartphone Motorola DEFY is still little known brand Huawei U8550, a choice is clearly in favor of Nokia.

Just a year ago, to distinguish one product from the WP-another, it was not an easy task. With the transfer of Nokia’s platform, the youngest, the variety has increased. The first smartphone was the Nokia Lumia 800, managed to attract attention thanks to the excellent design and balanced functionality. Officially, the WP-selling Nokia smartphones in many of the countries has not been started. But in other countries many have become owners of smartphones on the OS. Of course, this is not an indicator of sales, but the fact that interest from the geeks to the WP-smartphones says a lot. Today, I have brought a review of Nokia Lumia 610 that you should buy this smartphone or not.

Appearance and ergonomics of Nokia Lumia 610

Each unit of Nokia has its own design unlike any other person. If you prefer, you can choose among white, black, pink or blue Lumia. Usually, regardless of color, the front panel always remains constant – black. In the case of Lumia 610, the user will always know what color the smartphone he chose, as color comes back panel on the front of the case.

Visually, the front part of the smartphone is divided into two blocks. The first is covered with tempered glass, which is located under the 3.7 “display, three capacitive keys -” Back ” ” Home “and ” Search ” and on display, a trapezoidal notch speaker. All of them are framed by polished dark gray plastic with rounded corners, so that, visually smartphone seems smaller than it actually is. The second unit – a plastic cover which is one with a removable rear cover.

Nokia Lumia 610

The removable rear cover, made of soft-touch matte plastic. The back part of the housing is allocated through the plastic around the camera lens and a few dozen holes at the bottom of the multimedia speaker housing. In addition they are also present LED that flashes playing a role, the maximum resolution the camera manufacturer’s logo and, at the very bottom, the name of the model.

The design is dominated by Lumia 610 bevelled edges, which improves the streamlined body, and therefore the ergonomics. The smartphone is great in the hand without causing discomfort after prolonged use. Under the lid is removable battery pack BP-3L capacity of 1300 mA / h or 4.8 W / h, in turn, below it, is a slot for a SIM-card format, the “micro”. In Lumia 610 does not support memory cards. This limitation is imposed by the operating system and does not depend on the model of the device.

On the left side case there are no elements on the right is settled volume rocker, power button / lock button and the camera. All three (two volume buttons combined into a single oblong) act on the body just enough to make it easy to find blindly.

At the top end we see a 3.5 mm jack and Micro-USB, optional microphone that is used for noise reduction in the conversations and the hole for the strap.

The combination of so many different types of materials did not affect negatively on the overall impression of the Nokia Lumia 610 smartphone operating on the contrary, it does not slip out of hand by the back of the mat and not afraid to mechanical impact thanks to the tempered glass. Body is solid, with a minimum clearance between the parts. All this creates the impression of a quality product that, given the cost, should be attributed unambiguously to the merits of a smartphone.

The operating system and interface of Nokia Lumia 610

Smartphone Nokia Lumia 610 running the operating system on Windows Phone 7.5, which is also known as Windows Phone Mango.

In contrast to the budget Android-smartphone, where the interface is significantly retarding, Lumia 610 flies. The interface is concise, but I have not come across people who would not have liked the style of Metro, it is the name of the shell is WP-smartphones. The user is free to choose how and in what order the tiles will be placed on the desktop. Slide the screen to the left, open access to the list of installed applications and menus smartphone.

The apparent advantage of WP was and is the menu “Contacts”, formerly known as the hub of “People.” From here you can always find the latest status changes in social networks among your friends and acquaintances. Here is the section “What’s New,” which aired a tape all the news from Facebook and Twitter.

The advantages, previously available only smartphone Nokia (with the release of Windows Phone 8, maps will be available for all brands operating in the new edition of the OS) include pedestrian navigation – Maps Nokia, and car navigation – Nokia Navigator.

If necessary, you can download tools and applications from the App Store – Marketplace for Nokia Lumia 610. If you get lost in a huge variety of applications, you can always use the recommendations of Nokia.

Platform of Nokia Lumia 610

Make WP-unit affordable and not so simple. Nokia’s had to make conscious use is not the most powerful CPU, GPU, and, in some cases, it becomes a stumbling block, a small amount of RAM. In Lumia 610 is set to the usual budgetary Android-Smartphone with 800 MHz Qualcomm MSM7227A processor running in tandem with Adreno graphics processor 200, 256MB RAM and 8GB flash-memory, of which 5.5 GB is available to the user. We have tried to download Angry Birds and came across a message stating that the amount of RAM you can play this game, but the Fruit Ninja starts, though not the first time – for some reason does not start downloading. Consequently, we do not recommend this smartphone if you can not live without “angry birds”. In all other cases, the user will hardly ever feel the lack of RAM or a few megahertz.

Camera of Nokia Lumia 610

Nokia Lumia 610 equipped with a 5 megapixel camera with the ability to shoot VGA-video. As we know, the restriction imposed on the size of the video graphics processor. It was not able to record at higher resolution.

Interface viewfinder, as when photographing and video recording mode, as simple as possible. To switch between shooting modes is a separate icon. You can access the settings using the icon in the lower right corner of the screen. Here you can select the type of lighting, one of ten shooting modes, set the exposure, ISO, choose the appropriate effect, saturation, contrast and so on. In the setting of the video there are the same items.


Smartphone Nokia Lumia 610 fully justifies the hopes that were assigned to it. Quality materials and good build, bright display with high resolution, the presence of safety glass and an affordable price, here are the main advantages of this model. If you decide to switch from conventional phones to their clever fellow, take a look at Windows Phone. This operating system has managed to combine the simplicity of the first and second opportunities, and Nokia Lumia 610, more than any other smartphone, perfect for the role of your “first” Windows Phone.

Pros of Nokia Lumia 610
+ Materials used
+ Build quality
+ Reasonable price
+ Display Quality
+ The speed of the interface

Cons of Nokia Lumia 610
– Lack of support for memory cards
– Limitations on the number of applications in relation to the amount of RAM

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