Nokia sold its headquarters in Finland

Nokia has confirmed the sale of its Nokia headquarters in Helsinki to the real estate investment firm Exilion for 170 million euros.


A couple of months ago that Nokia was looking buyer for its headquarters, an impressive facility on the shores of the Baltic Sea and connected to the capital Helsinki, worth about 300 million euros.

In the end, the sale will be for a lot less money but includes a very long-term agreement to rent the facilities, which Nokia will not waste time or money on moving its headquarters.

Something that would be rumored for the United States and has probably been slowed as investors Finns showed immense anger with its own proposal.

headquarters in Espoo

In any case the delicate financial situation forces and Nokia intends to get rid of “non-strategic assets like real estate” and that includes its headquarters and see. There will be strategic, but the sale of its ‘home’ is another example of the decline of the Finnish giant Nokia.

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