NVIDIA set the prices of Kepler Graphics Card

NVIDIA also set prices for NVIDIA Kepler 600 series dedicated graphics after rebate cost of a good part of the AMD Radeon graphics series 7.

NVIDIA Kepler 600

The reason is none other than the release of the missing NVIDIA Kepler to market: the low range (GTX 650) and average (GTX 660).

Discounted models and can serve as a reference for the general list of retail prices are as follows:
– EVGA GTX 680 SC: $ 480
– EVGA / Galaxy GTX 670: $ 380
– Gigabyte GTX 660 Ti WF2X: $ 285
– MSI GeForce GT 640 1GB: $ 80
– MSI GeForce GT 640 2GB: $ 85

As in the case, of the AMD Radeon 7000 continue betting on the midrange GeForce 660 as the higher value according to their price / performance. This was all regarding the price lowering of NVIDIA Kepler 600 graphics card.

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