Officejet Pro X451/X551

HP has a new secret weapon and it’s called OfficeJet Pro X. This series of printers is going to be launched during the Spring of 2013. The company believes that this series is going to be a big success for them and that it will be a bestseller among companies that relied on laser printers in the past. The laser printer had one huge advantage, which made it a favorite for businesses, and that was the speed at which it could print documents. The printers from the Pro X line manage to cancel that advantage, giving the business inkjet a huge 70 ppm speed (that’s pages per minute).

Pro X451 and Pro X551 are two of the four models which will be released by HP in a couple of months. These two are the models that offer only the printing function. The other two models offered are multifunction models and they are called X576 and X476. All four models will come with features like wireless printing, USB printing, HP ePrint, a paper tray with a capacity for 500 sheets and printing in automatic duplex.

Officejet Pro X451-X551It doesn’t happen too often, but sometimes new products come around that manage to disrupt a technology. Pro X printers do this with inkjet models, which had certain shortcomings in the past which made people choose laser printers instead. These are the first models that manage to give the offices around the world an alternative to the laser printer. The one big advantage of the laser printer has been cancelled and the result is that offices will be able to print cheaper, faster and better. Unfortunately, it’s only a solution for small businesses right now, since the cycle is of around 4200 pages, which is not enough for heavy duty users. HP seems willing to work on this though, so even heavy duty users will benefit from this type of inkjet printer in the future.

The reason why these printers are capable of big speeds is the new technology from HP, called PageWide. These printers have stationary printheads, which are as big as the page is wide. Because there is no more need for the printhead to move from one part of the page to the other, the speed is no longer limited because of it. The printhead has a total of 42,000 nozzles that it uses to print text and images on the paper.

The maximum speed of 70 ppm is done at a 600 dpi resolution. If you need a better resolution of 1200 dpi, the speed drops to 42 ppm, which is still great.

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