Oppo Finder the slimmest smartphone so far: Specs & Features

Smartphones are noted for their power, others by their beautiful aesthetics, still others that stand out because they are made from recycled materials as we saw recently with the new Smartphone from Samsung, Exhilarate. But today we bring Smartphone noted for its extremely low thickness as well as by its great strength. We’re talking about Oppo Finder, a terminal that becomes the lightest on the market today and also for the video you see below also one of the most resistant.

Oppo Finder

The new Smartphone Oppo Finder is the lightest on the market. Chinese terminal, although noted for their great thickness, a smartphone will be fairly large components succulent. In the depths of its heart we will face a processor dual-core Snapdragon MSM8260 which will achieve a total clock speed 1.5 GHz. In addition to complement its functions will also be accompanied by a total of 1GB of RAM. At its outermost part, furnish a capacitive type screen super AMOLED Plus a total size of 4.3 inches to reach up to 800 x 480 pixel resolution.

As to its internal memory will opt for a total of 16GB of capacity may be expanded later by inserting cards MicroSD. Turning the terminal, on the back will boast a camera that will reach the 8-megapixel resolution also having another in front of 1.3 megapixel resolution. On the subject of the battery, Oppo Finder Smartphone is powered by battery of a capacity of 1500 milliamps. No doubt we have a really low capacity to feed these components among them will find a dual core processor and 1 GB of RAM. Certainly do not believe that their autonomy is very long. As for your operating system, which will include the version running on Ice Cream Sandwich Google operating system, although later it is very likely that this is updated to its latest version, Jelly Bean. Now comes, its strength, its thickness. The new Chinese Oppo Finder Smartphone come equipped with a thickness of only 6.65 mm. Undoubtedly, we face the thinner end of the entire planet by now, thus surpassing the 6.68 mm of Huawei Ascend P1 S.

Oppo Finder slimmest smartphone
As mentioned above, besides being an extremely thin smartphone, Oppo Finder will also be characterized by its high resistance to shock. So much so that in the video that we show below will use a hammer, using it for insertion of nails in a wood.


The price of the Oppo Finder smartphone is around 320 euros which is almost cheap for this range of smartphone which has become the world’s slimmest smartphone.

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