Optoma HD6720 projector compatible with 720p 3D: Review & Specs

The Optoma HD6720 is an entry level projector device which still provides good projections, light and contrast.

Optoma HD6720

Optoma sells a tempting solution for lovers of cinema at home that do not want to ruin for equipment.

Newcomer among Optoma projectors is the Optoma HD6720. Succeeding the HD67, it is intended for film buffs and gamers who do not have a big budget for equipment. A less than 700 € here but you have you have to compromise with 720p not Full HD 1080. This little device provides projections DLP 720p (1280 by 800 pixels) with, assures us we, bright images (2700 Lumens) and contrast (4000:1).

A compatible 3D

Optoma HD6720

The Optoma HD6720 is a device compatible 3D DLP said. Unlike a projector 3D natively, the HD6720 should be connected to a 3D platinum as the Optoma 3D-XL, to give relief to the movies. The 3D-XL Platinum, sold about € 300, comes with one pair of 3D glasses. The manufacturer sells ZD201 (battery operated) to 89 € the pair. The additional cost is considerable.
Basic connectivity

The Optoma HD6720 has several video inputs – HDMI, VGA, composite and S-Video – IO and 3.5mm audio. Sound, left in charge of a 2-watt speaker should be quite disappointing. No frills either side of the remote, small and not backlit. The Optoma HD6720 is already available at 699 € including a carrying case and a two-year warranty on site.

Optoma HD6720

+3D compatibility
+Brightness announced

-The connection minimalist
-The additional cost for the implementation of 3D
-The low power speaker

This was all about the Optoma HD6720 projector which is one of the cheap solution if you are looking for a low cost projector and need 3D as well, moreover ready to compromise with 720p video recording.

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