OTA Update Center: Update Android-software alternative to air

One of the big pluses of official firmware for the Android-devices in comparison with the so-called informal or custom, remained able to update over the air (OTA). If you install an alternative software, for example, CyanogenMod, had to do it manually by connecting the device to your PC and losing some data (application settings, etc). Plus do not forget about self-monitoring of new versions of software. In OTA-updating process is simple, and fully automated: the user instructs a notification when new software, agrees with its position and after a few minutes, receives a new gadget.

OTA Update Center

But with the project OTA Update Center features appear similar, and the creators of custom firmware, that in the first place will greatly facilitate the lives of ordinary enthusiasts who prefer alternative software instead of the standard firmware vendors.

In fact, the new service offers developers to their own servers to host OTA-packs and tools for their implementation on the device users. Thus, in order to adapt the firmware for OTA Update Center, developers simply add a few lines of code in the file “build.prop” and provide a direct link to the archive with the upgrade. As a result, enthusiasts got its own centralized system upgrades with features:

● Removal or addition of OTA updates in a centralized database;
● Check for updates at startup device;
● Check for updates manually by the user;
● Download and install firmware;
● Download firmware without having to install;
● Complete removal of user data and / or clearing the cache before updating the firmware, if necessary.

Currently service is free and is now operational, this was all regarding the OTA Update Center service.


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