Panasonic HXD5 headphones: Review & Specs

Panasonic HXD5 headset is lightweight and comfortable, but delivers a flat. Design, mainly plastic, is not a guarantee of robustness.


The promise

Panasonic HXD5

Panasonic offers a lightweight headset in its range Urban Lifestyle. According to the manufacturer, the headphones Panasonic HXD5 offers excellent comfort thanks to its soft cushions and padded headband. Its neodymium transducers of 40 mm are expected to provide high quality sound. HXD5 is the mobile version (about 70 euros), with a remote / mic for smartphone or classic version (about 60 euros).



Panasonic HXD5 impress by it’s the elegant design in black and silver with a touch of red at the hoop. It is compact and lightweight, but alas not foldable. Also damage the headset is mostly plastic, which is not a guarantee of robustness. The audio cable has the correct length, but splits on each listener and is not removable. In use, the headset is quite comfortable and not too tight ears. With a diameter of only 6 cm in its ear, its isolation from outside noise is average.


Good sound but cold

Panasonic HXD5

When listening, the sound is okay but lacks warmth. Bandwidth is regularly 47 to 3500 Hz (with a peak at 1300 Hz), and then becomes chaotic up to 20 000 Hz short, psychics are privileged but lack the bass and treble presence are not returned optimally. We must therefore use equalizer media player – if it is present – to give a little relief to it. Using the equalizer then Panasonic HXD5 headphones offer good sound quality.


The verdict

For 60 euros, the Panasonic HXD5 headset offers sound quality acceptable, the design is attractive, but we regret the split cable design and making places too much plastic.

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