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Panasonic LX7 the Ultra-Compact expert camera: Review & Specs

Panasonic has revealed new cameras and one of these is Panasonic LX7 which is lethal Weapon of high-end compact is its Ultra-Zoom. Will this be enough there to keep out competition?

Panasonic LX7

As we have said earlier that Panasonic has introduced a new camera i.e. Panasonic LX7 and this new camera belongs to the Panasonic LX series cameras as its name suggests. As there was no LX4 (4 can be pronounced “chi” in Japanese, which also means “death”) or LX6, the LX7 is the fifth offspring of a line of digital cameras to look both vintage and elegant. Below I have mentioned a review regarding this new upcoming camera i.e. Panasonic LX7 and its specs.

Panasonic LX7

Optical (very) light

This new Panasonic LX7 is covering a range of 24-90 mm (35mm equivalent) the new optical zoom is extremely bright as it opens to F1.4 at wide angle and F2.3 at maximum zoom. The expected outcome is clear shots even in low light and especially portraits with background blur telephoto.

Panasonic LX7

Sensor wise, but multi-aspect

The Sony RX100 has amazed us with its large sensor with 20 MP. In comparison, the CMOS sensor is in very traditional format (1/1, 7 “) of 10.1 MP. As usual in this range, the sensor actually embeds more pixels (12.3 Mpix). The reason being that the Panasonic LX7 has a format selector (1/1, 4/3, 3/2 or 16/9) and that the extra pixels of the sensor provides the guarantee of a minimal definition in all formats, not just a crop.

As for performance, Panasonic seems confident since the device grows to 12,800 ISO. So we expect good performance up to ISO 3200.

Side functions, the device has a control ring around the opening goal. It combines advanced features – RAW walkouts manuals, etc – And more public functions: Sweep Panorama, artistic filters, Intelligent Auto Mode.


This new Panasonic LX7 camera will be available in September at a price of 499 euros, the LX7 has trouble with many competitors: the great (and thinner) Power-Shot S100 Canon, Samsung’s EX2F, as expensive and almost equivalent to the optical on paper (we will see the quality) but with a swivel screen, and especially the RX100, a device that we believe has redefined the image quality that can reach a compact. The Panasonic LX7 has its weapons, but the battle will be fierce.

24-90 mm optical light over the entire focal range (F1.4-2.3)
Multi-aspect sensor (1/1, 4/3, 3/2 and 16/9)
Control ring of the opening

“Small” sensor
Fierce competition!