PNY XLR8 PRO 240GB fast SSD at the right price: Review & Specs

PNY XLR8 PRO 240GB SSD can offer actual flow rates of 492 MB / s read and 324 MB / s write for transfers of large files and with these transferring rates it is good deal. It comes with a cable Sata III, but without software.

The promise


XLR8 PNY Pro SSD offers t SandForce controller, but flash memory is more efficient and durable. The PNY XLR8 PRO 240GB SSD is supposed to offer maximum data transfer rates of 550 MB / sec read and 520 MB / sec writing. It is available in capacities of 120 GB (119 euros), 480 GB (419 euros) and 240 GB (209 euros).

Unsurprisingly, PNY XLR8 PRO 240GB SSD (223 GB under Windows) provides performance consistent with its SandForce controller. The speeds are excellent (557 MB / s read and 530 MB / s write), but correspond to optimal conditions rarely encountered. In real conditions (CrystalDiskMark test), the SSD PNY offers speeds of 492 MB / s read and 324 MB / s write for large file transfers. These scores are slightly higher than those of Sata III Solid State Drive from Verbatim (484 and 305 MB / s).

In comparison, the OCZ Vertex 4 turns slower read (457 MB / s), but significantly faster write (459 MB / s). For small files, PNY XLR8 PRO 240GB SSD achieves good results with maximum speeds of 220 MB / s read and 267 MB / s write. Finally, PNY does not deliver any software, but provides a small Sata III cable to connect the SSD to your desktop PC.
The verdict

For about 210 euros, PNY XLR8 PRO 240GB SSD is certainly not the fastest, but it offers good performance for the storage of small and large files. The only disappointment in this SSD is that it doesn’t come with any software.

This was all regarding one of the most promising and good performing SSD PNY XLR8 PRO 240GB SSD.

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