PowerLite 935W WXGA 3LCD Projector

PowerLite 935W is a projector model designed by Epson and it’s being advertised as the solution for those that have bright rooms and for big classrooms. The reason why this projector is a good choice for that kind of environment is its capability of delivering images that are extremely bright, up to 3700 lumens actually (white brightness and color brightness).  The projector also has network capabilities and all the connectivity options you need. The resolution of the projector is 1280×800, which is enough to allow any teacher to take advantage of the resolution of widescreen DVD’s, tablets and widescreen laptops.

A lot of classrooms are very well lit up, which is a problem when you’re trying to project a bright image on a wall. Thanks to the white light and color light output of this projector, it can be used in most lighting conditions. The image quality will be much better than what the usual projector could achieve.

Another feature that could prove useful is the existence of a mike and a 16W speaker, so that the teacher can talk with the classroom without straining his voice, or having to bring additional speakers.

The connectivity options are there as well, with HDMI being used for both video and audio of very good quality and with RJ-45 connectivity being available to connect the projector to a network.


PowerLite 935WFlexibility – thanks to the 1.6x zoom available, the range at which the projector needs to be placed can be bigger. It also means that the images from short distances will be larger. The vertical correction is done automatically for the vertical for up to 30 degrees and manually for the horizontal position. That means that you can move it from one classroom to another and it will adapt.

Advanced Network – the audio or video can be delivered through the network, remotely, so you can broadcast announcements through all the projectors if needed.

iProjection – this feature allows teachers to use the app with the same name from Epson on Android and iOS devices.

Easy Maintenance – access to the air filter and the lamp is easy and replacing them is easy and quick.

Plug and Play – the projector uses a regular USB cable and it can transmit audio and project images as soon as it’s plugged in.

Virtual Remote – if you have a laptop connected to the same network as the projector, you don’t need a special remote anymore. You can control the projector from your own laptop.

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