Qi Energizer wireless charging your smartphone with extreme ease: Review, Specs, Features & Price

Qi (pronounced “chee”, for spirituality in Chinese) is an Energizer charger for mobile phones as atypical as practical. This charger works on the principle of induction or induced current. Qi is the form of a small plate (20.2 x 18.5 x 2.3 cm) with two load boards by electromagnetic field. This field radiates into the trays and produces electricity. To exploit it, we must support – also containing a coil – recovering energy. Thus, in addition to Qi, we need a hull dedicated to smartphone for charging. The good news is, this wireless charger is compatible with Apple iPhone 4S. We received one compatible with the Apple iPhone 4S. Retail Price: 100 euros for Qi and 30 euros for the iPhone shell. Let us see what are the advantages and disadvantages of such a device.

Qi Energizer


In some test, Qi Energizer was tested with a shell for iPhone 4S, moreover, compatible shell is available for iPhone 3 and 3G as well as for the BlackBerry Curve 8900. The implementation is straightforward. A power supply unit connect to Qi Energizer, a hull plug on the iPhone and voila.

First small regret, Qi Energizer does not seem to have made any particular effort on the design. Qi Energizer is flanked by large gray markings to typography a bit rough. Another annoyance, the surface on which to place the devices to reload, is a glossy black, which sublimates dust and fingerprints.
A little bit overweight for the smartphone to predict

The shell is rather successful. It’s nice matte black finish and is soft to the height of the manufacturing quality of the smartphone from Apple, although the shell thickens a bit of course the device. In height, it makes about 1 cm longer (1.25 cm so), the width remains fairly contained with 6.3 cm and height increases to 1.46 cm against 0.93 cm. Weight of this device is 46 g, which will make the iPhone 4S and its dress to 186 g.

In a test, it was used for several weeks with a smartphone with this hull and it is finally not embarrassing. Its side is robust even significant.

Qi Energizer is not very pretty, but effective

Qi Energizer is fulfilling its function. Once the shell plugged into the unit, just drop everything on the plate. A blue LED indicates that charging is in progress. It took about 3:30 to fully charge iPhone 4S that was flat. In comparison, it takes about two hours for the same through an outlet.

Qi is capable of charging up to three devices simultaneously. A second tray from the induction and autree from the USB port on the back of Qi. Attention, no cable, USB type / micro USB (for example), is delivered.

The verdict

Qi Energizer plays its role very well. It recharges the smartphone, although more slowly than through the area, but in a time just right. We appreciate the ease and comfort of use – no need to seek its charger and finishing the hull for the iPhone 4S. So, if you have any query or something please feel to ask regarding Qi Energizer.

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