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Recharge your laptop and phone batteries at blink of an eye

The usual cry among the users while using the power hungry electronics gadgets is that the current batteries take lot of time to recharge; it may be laptop battery, phone battery or a car battery. Researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have seems to developed the most powerful batteries ever known.

These high speed charging batteries also called the micro batteries, out-power even better than the best super capacitors. It could drive the application in compact electronics and radio communications. The speed at which the battery charge up and release the power out is mainly depends on the movement of electrons and ions into and out of the cathode. The electrodes based on nanostructured metal foams are used to make a lithium-ion battery. The metal provides high electrical conductivity. These batteries are only few millimeter in size but has the power to recharge your phone in a blink of an eye. Car Driver can use cell phone batteries to jump start a dead car battery. Charging your battery at a charging station would be like buying a tank of gas. According to the lead researcher and professor of mechanical science and engineering, William P. King, “This is a whole new way to think about batteries”.

Micro battery

In last few years electronics have gotten small and battery has lagged behind in terms of size and the micro technology could bring the change. For application that need lot of power such as broadcasting a radio signal over long distance, regular capacitors are used to release energy fast storing s small amount of energy. On the other hand the for application which need lot of energy, like playing radio over longer duration the fuel cells are used to hold lot of energy and release it very slowly.

Micro batteryThe new micro batteries will offer lot of energy and power by changing the structure a little bit. Once commercialized, it will charge your laptop in few minutes or your cell phones in 30 seconds. The batteries are rechargeable and are able to charge 1000 times faster than existing devices while holding the same amount of energy. These micro batteries will bring revolution in consumer electronics, medical devices, sensors and other applications. Researchers are also working on integrating these micro batteries with other electronics devices and also manufacture them at a lower cost.