Retina MacBook Pro vs Samsung Series 9 WQHD

South Korea’s Samsung has shown at IFA 2012 variant Samsung Series 9 WQHD Ultrabook maintaining general technical characteristics and extends the size of your screen of 13 inches to no less than 2560 x 1440 from the original 1600 x 900 native.

Samsung Series 9 WQHD

The new Samsung Series 9 is placed on the market as an alternative to MacBook Pro Retina with even higher resolution of 2,880 × 1,800 pixels, although it is a panel of 15 inch inches diagonally.

At present date of release of this Samsung ultrabook is not known or other components, hoping at least one Ivy Bridge Core i7 3517U and SSD of 256 GB of the original model and dedicated graphics surely to move that WQHD resolution.

If Samsung wants to overcome Retina MacBook Pro ultrabook then of course Samsung must have powered Samsung Series 9 WQHD ultrabook with massive specs, so stay tuned for more updates.


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