Review of Philips 8000 Series 3D TV: With 3D, Wi-Fi and webcam

The 8000 Series boasts a stylish design, high-end features and a good set of accessories.

After the series 6000 and 7000, here’s the new Philips 8000 series. A series of 3D LCD 1080p HDTV with LED backlight showing the basic 7000 series by adding several small details that are important.

Philips 8000 Series

Specifications of Philips 8000 Series 55PF 3D TV:

First, the design is slightly different: This all ne Philips TV have an aluminium frame more elegant dark. Second, Philips has integrated its Ambilight Spectra XL spreading its rainbows colors adapted to the content on 3D. Third, the remote has a keyboard, but also a pointer to facilitate browsing. Finally, the manufacturer has included in the box three accessories: a USB Skype camera and two pairs of 3D glasses (active) compatible Full Screen Gaming (two to play in full screen).

A high-end Philips 8000 Series:

Philips 8000 series included three TV’s with different diagonal size. These three TVs (40, 46 and 55 inches) have an ISF calibration mode – a sharp adjustment of colors that must be done by a professional – and a 800 Hz scan mode All are also equipped with a Web browser with the ability to connect a keyboard and mouse into USB, Wi-Fi to access the Net TV portal. Driven by a processor double heart, all three models are compatible with DLNA 1.5 certified HbbTV.

Five HDMI inputs and three USB ports are also present and can both play different media files and to record or pause TV programs. Finally, note that three TV tuners are integrated (DTT, cable and satellite) and video processing is provided by the Perfect Pixel HD Engine.

The price is of Philips 8000 Series 55PF 3D TV high-end equipment: the 55 inch is available at 2600 euros, the 46-inch to 1,900 euros and 40 inches at 1,600 euros.

Pros of Philips 8000 Series:

Webcam and two pairs of glasses included
Ambilight on three sides
integrated with the remote pointer
the integrated Wi-Fi
multimedia features

Cons of Philips 8000 Series 55PF 3D TV

the high price


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