SAMSUNG 60EH6000 60” LED TV: Review & Specs

This SAMSUNG 60EH6000 is not a 3D or Smart TV but 60inches LED TV seems perfect for home cinema and television at home. 60EH6000 is positioned in the midrange and foremost on its simplicity to impress.


The SAMSUNG 60EH6000 is a LED TV with Edge LED backlight with no frills, but good quality. It is made for the home theatre, video games and television family.

There are so many different models that Samsung finally offering. This 60 inch EH6000 Series is a mid-range model that relies primarily on its simplicity to impress. SAMSUNG 60EH6000 is intended for those that are not interested in Smart TV and 3D, but would still like to equip themselves with a large and beautiful LED TV.

Basic Equipment


This SAMSUNG 60EH6000 60-inch Full HD 1080p equipped with a backlight LED Edge tools and relatively basic video processing. We just note the presence of HyperReal Engine, a 200 Hz scan mode and “color enhancer Plus”. Even simple side connections with only 2 HDMI inputs. It’s still a fair for such a screen. There is of course also a Scart input YUV, Composite input, but it does not really matter. Note there is also the absence of VGA input. However, there is a USB port, but it is dedicated solely to play multimedia files (MKV, MP4, WMV, JPEG, etc.).. You are entitled to sound sauce (SRS SRS TruSurround, and TruDialog TheaterSound HD) tuners for terrestrial and cable and infrared remote control basic.
A screen for home cinema

Considered this TV Samsung 60 inch is like a real movie screen, no frills. It was therefore voluntarily without 3D compatibility and internet connectivity. Even recording Freeview on a USB hard drive is not possible. You can add just a game console or Blu-ray player, and you get a nice HD picture contrast and definition asserted attractive. You also find all the video calibration options usually offered by Samsung to improve image quality.

This SAMSUNG 60EH6000 is priced at 1599 euros. Be aware though that size and equivalent qualifications, some plasma TVs are 500 euros cheaper.

. size
. Price
. calibration tools

. Only two HDMI inputs

This was all about the SAMSUNG 60EH6000 60inches LED TV which is pretty basic with equipment but offering a smooth & quality performance.

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