Samsung CJX-1000 Printer: Review & Specs

After bringing the branch printing from Kodak, Korean Company Samsung has launched the market for inkjet consumer and offer three new multifunction, whose Samsung CJX-1000, billed as an ultra-efficient. Just like the Printer Kodak ESP C310, which served as the basis for CJX-1000, a particular point has been put forward: the quality of the print in Photo mode. A way that also benefits from extended possibilities of the Samsung Print Manager software, including that of printing 3D photos or snapshots from movies in HD. To determine whether this small 3-in-one is really powerful.

Samsung CJX-1000

The Samsung CJX-1000 printer is quite aesthetic. Although commonplace in shape, painted white hull gives it some appeal. In early testing, we find that this three-in-one is almost on its promises in performance. Indeed, while the manufacturer claims a print speed of 7 ppm in black (4.8 ppm color), we obtain flow rates of about 6 ppm black and 4.2 ppm color.

Samsung CJX-1000

Alas, this does not apply to print a color photograph 10 x 15 cm. So it promises prints in less than 38 seconds, we must wait 63 seconds to get them. The print quality of the photo is excellent: the colors are bright, contrast and sharpness are good … indisputable.

A cost per page rather high

However, note that the cost in use is not on the favour of this Samsung CJX-1000 printer, because of relatively expensive cartridges and more than average ability. Thus, we only managed to make 300 copies and 175 copies black color with two standard cartridges, sold 18 and 23 euros respectively. The estimate cost per page to about 6 cents in black and 19.9 cents in color.

As a guide, an entry-level machine such as the Epson Stylus SX440/445W shows a cost per page of only 2.5 cents to 8.7 cents for black and color, with performance as high or even higher.

Scanning is its Achilles heel

Samsung CJX-1000

Regarding scanning Samsung CJX-1000 printer remains in the current standards. To know that a scan A4 grayscale at 300 dpi takes just 18 seconds and should not be more than 36 s to perform the same operation in color, 600 dpi.

Note, however, that the quality and accuracy scans are far from exemplary. Indeed, traces are appearing on the solids and differentiation of color shades is low. The fault lies with an optical resolution of only 1200 dpi and acute 24-bit color. Most rivals display a resolution of 2400 dpi and acuity of 48 bits. This applies also to the function of the copier Samsung CJX-1000 that – besides the fact to propose reductions and enlargements from 20 to 500% instead of 25 to 400% – nothing extraordinary: a photocopy A4 B & W requires 12 s while in color it takes 32 seconds.

It can print photos in 3D

Samsung CJX-1000

But it is at the Samsung Print Manager software that comes with the Samsung CJX-1000 stands out. Among its many functions include: the ability to quickly and easily share photos on sites and community networks, like Facebook, Flickr, Kodak Gallery, Photobucket, Picasa or Google Docs, but also the ability to print pictures from films HD, as well as print photos in 3D anaglyph method (bezel red / blue).

The method is quite laborious in practice, since it is necessary to take two shots each time the same scene in shifting the camera of 7.5 cm between shots. The Samsung software is then responsible for combining the two pictures in a photo anaglyph 3D. With some tests more or less successful, we finally obtain satisfactory results.

That said, the software allows especially managing, editing and cropping photos before printing. Just as it can scan images and documents for sending by email or convert them into text documents to PDF or RTF format to Adobe Reader, MS Word, Word Pad, etc. We regret, however, that these operations are not simple to achieve, through – for example – an interface more intuitive and user-friendly.

The verdict

Ultimately, this Samsung CJX-1000 is a multifunction printer has some advantages: good print quality, ease of use, fast print honest and reasonable purchase price. Unfortunately it has also some shortcomings, as a cost of use unattractive, just a little autonomy and connectivity somewhat limited. This was all about Samsung CJX-1000 printer, if you have any query then, feel free to ask.

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