Samsung flexible displays mass productions starting next year

In the escalating fight in smartphones and tablets Samsung is focusing increasingly on technology of Samsung flexible displays. In such displays instead of traditional glass used plastic. In addition to the flexibility of the material and also provides greater strength and reliability. Thus, due to mass production and the introduction of Samsung flexible displays, Samsung will be able to create mobile lighter and stronger mobile devices.

Samsung flexible displays

According to the revealed information, Samsung Display division has entered into the last phase of the development of Samsung flexible displays for mobile devices. Prototypes of these displays have been demonstrated previously to the company Samsung, and other market players. But now it comes to preparing for mass production of these devices. It is expected that the release of commercial samples in the first half of 2013. Samsung plans to be the first company mastered mass production of flexible displays.

However it is not yet reported, when the first commercial devices equipped with flexible displays will appear in the market. Already there are many rumors regarding Samsung Galaxy Q which could be the first device of Samsung featuring flexible device. Samsung has also refused to comment on the information on the amount of investment in the development of this technology.

Samsung flexible displays based on the technology of OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode – organic light emitting diode). However, instead of glass in them used plastic or metal foil. This is to ensure flexibility, weight of the finished product and increase its strength. This was all regarding Samsung flexible displays.

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