Samsung Galaxy Note 7 GT-N5100 leaked: Specs & Features

Galaxy Note series of Samsung Smart devices is receiving surprising responses, and Samsung don’t want to limit this series till now, and here we have information regarding another device Samsung Galaxy Note 7 GT-NF100 which has been leaked in a benchmark.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 GT-N5100

According the benchmark device is Samsung GT-N5100, puts us on the track of that could be the next Galaxy Note with 7 inch screen because, all of the GT-N models are in the row of Galaxy Note.


After reaping excellent results with the Galaxy Note original, the company prepared a 10-inch tablet Note and Galaxy Note II with five-inch screen, that somewhere between smartphone and tablet, has become the ‘phablet’ best-selling market, despite its selling price, not for times of crisis. So no surprise that Samsung continue betting on more models in this line Note characterized by the dual support finger touch and stylus. So, here is Samsung Galaxy Note 7 GT-N5100.
The GT-N5100 would go in this direction and as according the benchmark, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 GT-N5100 would have screen 7-inch 1280 × 720 pixels. Your engine would be a Samsung Exynos 4412 SoC (codenamed ‘pegasusq’) with Micro 1.6GHz quad-core and GPU Mali-400. And according to another information, it will be carrying 8MP rear sensor with flash and 2MP front sensor.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 GT-N5100
The results of the tests, 55.60 FPS (min) and 56.30 FPS (max), are the industry average. It is not certain if it is the new Note 7 although it is a safe in its presence or CES in Las Vegas or in the MWC in Barcelona.

So, stay tuned for more information regarding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 GT-N5100, we will update you as earliest.

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