Samsung Galaxy Pocket Duos Smartphone: Complete Review & Specs

Difficult to understand what prompted the company Samsung to release the model. The only reason why the Samsung Galaxy Pocket Duos may be of interest brands loyalty. You can also add a nice design and compact size, but these parameters cannot be considered unique in the market because there are other similar smartphones supports two SIM cards. We had to find out if whether the Galaxy Pocket anything capable of attracting the attention of buyers.

Samsung Galaxy Pocket Duos
Ergonomics and Design

Externally Samsung Galaxy Pocket Duos smartphone repeats the model Samsung Galaxy Pocket – small and plump boxes. Controls are placed on habitual places Samsung phone owners. Volume button – on the left side, on / lock – on the right, headphone jack and charging – top and cavity to remove the back cover and microphone – at the bottom.
Build quality of Samsung Galaxy Pocket Duos is traditionally high for Samsung – no squeaks or loose, which cannot but rejoice, because the most likely users of this model are children, and even they will quickly give a unique device in the form of scratches, chips and scuffs. Falling on a flat surface with small height enclosure will withstand shock without any consequences, but when dropped from two feet, parts fly away in different corners. Perhaps the strength, Samsung Galaxy Pocket Duos will be something like Nokia 3310, the legend of which goes so far. Of course, if the smartphone will fall “face down” on something sharp, it will lead to more serious consequences and will suffer from the display itself, as the panel covering it, is made of plastic, so – simply sag.
Samsung Galaxy Pocket Duos has a display with capacitive sensor and three buttons – “Menu”, “Home” and “Back”. Unlike touch “Menu” and “Back” key “Home” hardware. On the back of the housing facility is located a 2-megapixel camera and a multimedia speaker. Despite the absence of backlash and scratches, the cover is removed very easily. It hides under the battery capacity of 1200 mA / h, under which, in turn, hidden slots for SIM cards. The memory card slot is located on the right side wall and does not require removing the battery when inserting or removing the card.
Size, build quality and materials unit commendable and is not in doubt is that the Samsung Galaxy Pocket Duos smartphone will last a long time.

Interface and Software

Given the resolution of the screen, Samsung Galaxy Pocket Duos is the latest possible version of the operating system – Android 2.3.6. On top of the shell from the Google interface is used TouchWiz UX.
If there are missed calls or received messages on the lock screen appears relevant information. To unlock need to swipe your finger across the screen in any direction. Desktop meets three windows. If desired, the number can be changed from one to seven pieces. List of widgets does not possess the variety, but the most useful thing is – the weather, clock, all kinds of searches, and more. One of the installed applications, note there is a file manager and tools for working with office applications. In addition, there is a task manager, maps, and FM-radio. If desired, you can add a list of the most visiting Google Play.
The interface works fairly quickly in Samsung Galaxy Pocket Duos, the application menu and desktop are circular scrolling. There are also shortcuts for changing modes or activate wireless data modules in the notification bar.
Work with two SIM-cards

Change the priority of SIM-cards can be a notification bar. In a press release, Samsung indicates that even talking on one SIM-card, you will always be able to get through to the second, which is often seen as having two radios. In fact, the trick is there is a menu allowing “one movement” redirect from one operator to another. As a result, the caller will hear a message saying that you’re talking on the phone. If you have the opportunity or desire to answer, you can make a second call, while the former is set to pause. In this way, Samsung has stepped one step forward in relation to other developers dual SIM-smartphones, as similar functionality can be configured to any dual SIM device, but to do this, it is necessary to delve into the menu and set the call forwarding, whereas here all this is done on an intuitive level. The two SIM-cards are available and when using Internet subscribers.

The Samsung Galaxy Pocket Duos smartphone has Broadcom BCM21553 chip. The processor is manufactured using 65-nanometer technology, has ARMv6 architecture and supports a maximum frequency of 832 MHz. Paired with the processor graphics engine works VideoCore IV. RAM is 289 MB and 3.3 GB of ROM. Of course, such low amounts of RAM are limiting the number of applications you use and how they work in the background. Given the focus of this model, it is unlikely that anyone will feel the urgent need to run a lot of programs, and, remembering the “Latency” feature phones, and it will be happy.

In the test for the duration of the smartphone showed quite good results, if you ignore the stuffing and think the fact that this is a Android-smartphone. At full load the device lasted for about four hours. In practice, this means that users can rely on the two days.
Display and Camera

It makes no sense to separate these two sections, because nothing good about the functionality of a Samsung Galaxy Pocket Duos smartphone can be said. The display is made of technology TN, has a diagonal of 2.8″ and the resolution of 320×240 pixels. The brightness is sufficient for the premises, but the bright sun felt her failure. Another minus – viewing angles and if the vertical can still be considered acceptable for horizontal deflection colors inverted.


The camera can take photos with a maximum resolution of 1600×1200 pixels. Autofocus and flash are not available, but there is a feature smile detection, panorama. Maximum video resolution – 320×240 pixels.


No doubt Samsung Galaxy Pocket Duos dual-SIM Android smartphone is a budget smartphone, Samsung is trying to expand the already massive line Android-smartphones. At $150, this machine is practically no chance at as either a serious competition with established leaders in the budget segment, represented by Fly and Gigabyte. The only thing one can be sure when you buy this smartphone, you are unlikely to meet a person with the same model, and the availability of a wide palette of various body colors only adds to this confidence.

+ Build quality
+ Time
+ Menu to work with two SIM-cards

– Display
– Camera
– Small amount of RAM

This was all regarding Samsung Galaxy Pocket Duos smartphone whose price is around $150.

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