Samsung Galaxy S Duos Smartphone: Complete Review & Specs

Samsung is one of the latest to join the race for the leadership of Android-smartphone supporting two SIM-cards. In order to show who is who, Samsung chose the only way – to provide the best products in all price ranges. One of these Samsung smartphone is Samsung Galaxy S Duos and today we brought you the review of this smartphone.

Galaxy S Duos
Samsung Galaxy S Duos design is like the flagship smartphone of the year – Samsung Galaxy S3. Moreover it is available in many colors but in white it is looking pretty good. Typically, these colors are glossy rear surface, but not this time, and it’s not good. The removable back cover almost with invisible traces of fingerprints and dare to assume that minor abrasions get to see any time soon. Such material is more practical in all aspects, from the tactile and finishing practical benefit.

With Samsung Galaxy S Duos size, comparable to the LG Optimus L5 Dual SIM and HTC Desire V, Samsung found a place in the front camera.

Samsung Galaxy S Duos – 122x63x10.5 mm, 120 g
LG Optimus L5 Dual SIM – 118x67x9.9 mm, 120 g
HTC Desire V – 119x62x9.3 mm, 114 g

The main part of the front panel of Samsung Galaxy S Duos is reserved for TFT-display with a diagonal 4″ and a resolution of 800×480 pixels. Under it is one hardware button “Home”, it can be used to display a smartphone from sleep mode, and two-touch – the “Menu” and “Back”. If desired, you can turn off the backlight keys, or use for a certain period of time – 1.5 seconds, 6 seconds or always on – in this case, the backlight will turn on and off along with the display.


The perimeter of the Samsung Galaxy S Duos housing is made of a single piece of plastic, and although the joints of panels are visible, they do not spoil the overall impression, the more so as the stiffness Samsung Galaxy S Duos in no way inferior to other Samsung handsets.
After removing the rear panel, you get the access to slots for SIM-cards. To install no need to remove the battery, reboot the smartphone though still have. The physical layout of cards does not matter, in the smartphone’s menu you can enable GSM or GSM / WCDMA for any of them. The only restriction is that the work in the networks of the third generation can only be done from one of the SIM-card.

Interface and Software

The smartphone Samsung Galaxy S Duos is featuring operating system Android 4.0 with the latest version of TouchWiz. The same shell used in the Samsung Galaxy S3. On the lock screen displays four shortcut and information about missed events.
Desktop has seven windows, their number can be reduced to one. To switch between windows, the standard method – page through, and only exists in the smartphone Samsung – with a line above the labels at the bottom of the screen. The second method is useful in cases when you need to skip over how the windows at once.
Widget set is impressive for its variety. There is a video player, calendar, to do list, a flashlight and more. Of these, only a small portion is scalable. Calendar widget on the functionality in no way inferior to the one that came with the Samsung Galaxy Note though because of the smaller screen resolution in Samsung Galaxy S Duos tabs display year, month, week, etc., is present only in landscape mode viewing.


Create folders by dragging one label to another is impossible. When you delete a shortcut from the bottom of the screen there is an empty cell.

Application list has three types of display. First – adjustable table, the second – the table in alphabetical order, and the third – the list alphabetically. To display applications downloaded by the user to invoke the context menu or click on the arrow in the upper left corner of the screen. It is possible to create a list of hidden applications.
In the system tray of Samsung Galaxy S Duos, a slider display brightness control, to change the priority icons and shortcuts to activate the SIM wireless data modules, sound, notifications, and so on.



The Samsung Galaxy S Duos smartphone includes chip Qualcomm MSM7227A, including a single-core ARMv7 processor clocked at 1 GHz, Adreno 200 graphics core. RAM of this phone is 768 MB, ROM – 4 GB, support for memory cards.

The results obtained in the synthetic tests at HTC Desire V, but inferior LG Optimus L5 Dual SIM because of the smaller screen resolution of the latter, and well below the Acer Liquid Gallant Dual processor that uses MTK6575.

If you do not load the smartphone with more concurrent applications, such, Twitter, Facebook, Skype, the user is unlikely to notice the slowdown of the system. But miracles do not happen, and even 1Ghz processor and 768 MB of RAM is not able to create the impossible and make the interface work smoothly.


It is having outdated Adreno 200 graphics core, MSM7227A processor gives performance MTK6575, but the gains in terms of energy efficiency.
SIM-cards Manager

As with all of these devices in the Samsung Galaxy S Duos set per radio. This means that to receive calls for two SIM-cards simultaneously is impossible. In theory …

In the “Manager SIM-cards” are made all the settings related to the work SIM-cards. Here, as in the system tray, you can select the operator to be used to access the web, redirect, set the icon and set the SIM-card name. When you log in “Active mode”, namely the so-called option to configure call forwarding from one SIM-card to another, users are warned that some operators do not support this feature, or to charge for it. In it, you can install from what and to what SIM to forward calls.

Display of Samsung Galaxy S Duos has good viewing angles, color and sharpness, summed low brightness (7-230 cd / m ²) which is why the readability of the sun is lower than the competition. In the absence of the light sensor, you can adjust the brightness manually.



One of the strengths of Samsung smartphones is the camera. No exception and this smartphone. Photo quality of Samsung Galaxy S Duos is not only better than other smartphones, but also with the “usual” and is located at Samsung Galaxy S. Recorded videos also have good detail and smooth, but because of outdated graphics Adreno 200, they do not exceed the maximum resolution of 640×480 pixels.


Before the advent of Samsung Galaxy S Duos, the average price segment smartphones was unequivocal leader, someone inferior in performance, someone on the camera quality, operation time, the screen. Samsung created a smartphone, which could successfully combine the best qualities of which individually are present in such devices as the HTC Desire V, LG Optimus L5 Dual SIM and Acer Liquid Gallant Duo. The only manufacturer able to compete with Samsung Galaxy S Duos, valued in not as high as the above models, but its diligence and perseverance can envy all others.

Samsung Galaxy S Duos – is a smart phone with a great interface, the actual version of the operating system Android, an excellent camera, operating time, the build quality and materials of the housing. The price of this phone is around $400.

+ Dual SIM-cards
+ Housing Materials
+ Build quality
+ Display: resolution, viewing angle
+ Camera
+ Front camera is also present
+ TouchWiz Interface
+ Setting of call forwarding
+ speaker volume
+ volume of the headphones

– Outdated graphics core
– display behavior in the sun
– No light sensor

This was all regarding the Samsung Galaxy S Duos smartphone and its review.

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