Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom camera sample leaks

The camera sample that has been rumoured for so long surfaced on the Google+ account of someone who is named as Shahriar and he is speculated to be working for Samsung Electronics Limited in Bangladesh.

The name of the Galaxy S4 Zoom was tied to the model number of that particular snapshot’s comments as confirmed by the author of the photo. However, there is no surety on whether the camera in question was a new Galaxy camera which is now using the S4 name for the marketing purposes or it was a Smartphone with a zoom lens that was used to take the photo.

The new generation Galaxy device was recently certified as the Samsung mobile phone by the Bluetooth body of certification but this shows that you can as well take the calls on it and use it as a mobile phone device even though it might be the second generation Galaxy camera.

The features of the newly leaked camera sample

  • It is said to have interesting tags of EXIF and this can be used to get some information about the maker of the device camera which is being talked about even though the truth is still being found out by the source about the device
  • It has the same model name as the one that was mentioned by the Bluetooth SIG which is SM-101 as compared to the original Galaxy camera which has a model number of EK-GC100. This shows that the device may be the smart camera as opposed to the zoom lens of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone.
  • The EXIF tags actually indicate that the photo was actually shot at a very wide viewing angle which is not offered by the camera phones. The photographic technicians claimed that it was shot at 24mm focal length which is equivalent to the 35mm distance although the tag does not give the details on the zoom level that the lens offers.
  • The numbers also indicate that the camera sensor size was too large and seems to be unusual for just a Smartphone although it can be a regular one among the point and shoot digital cams that have been in use for some time or the new one.
  • It is also said the aperture size for the camera is also variable compared to the aperture size of almost all the camera-phones that have fixed size apertures.

Is it the zoom lens of the Galaxy S4 or the new camera with phone functionality?

It is rumoured that Samsung might unveil the device coming June this year as one of the Galaxy S4 zoom moniker but as for now it is not clear whether the device used was the camera with phone functionality or a Smartphone which has a zoom lens.


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