Samsung Galaxy S5 debut with Carbon Fiber Body, 5G and Super AMOLED Plus?

It’s less than a year since Samsung Galaxy S4 was launched and there are already talks about Samsung Galaxy S5 debut plans sometime in Q3 to Christmas.

Samsung Galaxy S5 is coming so soon?

Samsung Galaxy S4 is claimed to be the fastest selling Android phone ever. However as per reports in last week, financial results of Samsung still fell below the expectations. Both S3 and S4 also had the ‘Mini’ series with a scaled down solution for those interested.

While the Galaxy S4 Mini hasn’t still properly arrived, there are already rumours about Samsung Galaxy S5.

S5 is expected to come with some very cool features:

Features offered in Samsung Galaxy S5

Couple of welcome additions are expected to be 5G speeds and a Super AMOLED Plus display.

Galaxy S5 AMOLED display will mean this:

AMOLED, which stands for Active Matrix OLED, is a hybrid display technology that pairs the active matrix backplane from a traditional TFT display with an OLED display. As a result of their active matrix natures, AMOLED displays have faster pixel switching response times than do traditional OLED displays, which are prone to ghosting when displaying fast moving animations.

Using this display will be a great enhancement over S3 and S4 since it’s a much superior panel.

amsung Galaxy S5 with super AMOLED display this a super cool feature

Samsung reported purchased stake in SGL Group which is a leading manufacturer for carbon based products. This MAY suggest that Samsung’s Galaxy S5 is likely to have a carbon fiber body.

Carbon fiber will help have a lightweight design unlike use of metal.

Network compatibility for Samsung Galaxy S5

As for the rumored 5G connectivity, current networks do not have the ability to support such a technology. This technology is supposed to develop around 2020. There are also opinions that the 5G network will never work. So, it’s more likely to see a 4G LTE-A compatible Galaxy S5.

Only time will tell. 

The Super AMOLED Plus display would be a great improvement, considering it’s much superior to the panels currently used in the Galaxy S3 and S4 and we really hope Samsung manages to get it ready for use with the Galaxy S5.

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