Samsung Odyssey and Marco Windows Phone 8: Coming Soon

It will be Nokia’s only one bet on the future mobile operating system from Microsoft. Samsung is preparing two new smartphones that will be running on the Windows Phone 8 and according to specifications, both models indicate ways.

Samsung Odyssey and Marco

The leak reveals two models Samsung Odyssey and Samsung Macro with Super AMOLED touchscreen of 4.65 and 4 inches respectively, both with dual-core SoC for 1.5 GHz Qualcomm MSM8960, cameras of 8 and 5 megapixels, NFC compatibility and support for broadband fourth generation LTE (4G).

Samsung’s entry (market leader thanks to Android) in Windows Phone 8 is a boost for the Microsoft platform, in dire need of additional partners besides Nokia.

Samsung Odyssey and Marco

According to the document, smartphones with Windows Phone 8 will be in the market in the fourth quarter, which coincides with the probable date of release of the system, after Windows 8 on 26 October. So, we can Samsung Odyssey Windows Phone 8 and Samsung Macro in November 2012 or later in December.

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